Learning Center Innovation Grant
Engineerica 2021 – 2022 Grant Award

Deadline: December 31, 2021

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The purpose of the Learning Center Innovation Grant is to recognize unique and innovative use of technology at academic centers in their mission to improve student success. At least three learning centers from separate post-secondary institutions will be awarded. Eligible centers are those who have already implemented Engineerica Systems’ software, Accudemia or AccuCampus, during the 2021-2022 academic year. Applicants will present their  use of technology to improve their center’s operations and improve student’s success and retention including how they utilize Engineerica’s center management technology.

Awards and Grants

Receive a check for the award, or

Get credit towards your Accudemia or AccuCampus subscriptions!

First Place Winner:

Win $2,000 Check or Credit towards an existing subscription

Second Place Winner:

Win $1,000 Check or Credit towards an existing subscription

Third Place Winner:

Win $500 Check or Credit towards an existing subscription

Additional Bonuses

First place winner will also receive sponsorship to present at future academic center conferences about their center, technology, and successful results.  If your conference proposal is accepted, Engineerica will pay your registration fee and travel expenses.

All winners will also receive an engraved plaque to display in their centers.

Oh, and you get bragging rights for winning the award 🙂


The grant recipients must demonstrate the utilization of either Accudemia or AccuCampus center management software in their center as well as the anticipated impact on student success, achievement, or retention. Applicants should talk about ways this technology is used/will be used in the center (i.e. to capture and report data, to enhance individual student learning, to deliver programs and services, to engage students, etc.) and assessment measures for success. All current Accudemia or AccuCampus users are welcome to apply for this grant.

Application Procedures / Requirements

Please gather and send the following items to info@engineerica.com with the subject “Learning Center Innovation Grant Submission” by 11:59 p.m. on December 31, 2021, to be considered for this award:

1. Narrative about the center that includes:

a. The center’s name,
b. Mission statement and goals,
c. Services offered,
d. Center staff information (number of, types of),
e. Notable achievements,
f. Description of the type of student populations served,
g. Description of how technology is used/will be used at the center.
h. Description of your center’s goals for student success, achievement, and retention and how Accudemia or AccuCampus will be utilized to achieve these goals. Include outcomes, measures for success, and any anticipated results.
Note: Bonus points will be awarded for including research with regards to the benefits of using the software (ex: Accudemia) or studies on how it helped with student success.

2. Include a high-resolution photo(s) of the center. Include high-resolution photos of center staff. Include a high-resolution logo.

3. Include a link to a downloadable 5-minute video showing the center with staff members talking about the center, your goals, and how the utilization of Accudemia or AccuCampus will help achieve these goals.

4. Complete and include the media release form. Any submissions missing these items will be disqualified. Please reach out to info@engineerica.com with any questions regarding the application.

Q & A About the Grant Application

Q: What is the application deadline:
A: Dec 31, 2021

Q: How will you choose the grant recipients?
A: After December 31, a committee will study each submission and score it using a scoring rubric.  The grants will be awarded to the centers with the highest scores.

Q: Can you share the scoring rubric?
A: Yes.  You can download a PDF copy of the rubric by clicking here.

Q: Will you publish the submissions?
A: Yes if the submission is of good quality for publication, we will publish it on our website.  This includes the grant recipients and other submissions as well. We require that all submissions include a signed media release form to give us permission to publish the submission.

Q: How long does the submission have to be?
A: You need to have enough material to make the submission clear.  The length of the submission is not as important as the quality of submission.

Q: Which conference does the grant recipient present at?
A: This is totally optional, but as an additional bonus, the grant recipients will get the opportunity to present their submission at a future conference.  This can be about any conference for academic center staff where the presentation will be of interest (e.g. CRLA, NCLCA, ACTP, ACTLA,  etc.).  If your proposal to present at the conference is accepted, Engineerica will pay for your registration and travel expenses to attend and present at the conference.  This is a great opportunity to spread the word about your center and the great work you do there!

Q: When will you announce the results?
A: The results will be announced after the scoring of all applications is completed, so the exact date depends on the number of submissions.  Expect the results to be announced mid-January 2022 to mid-February 2022.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Please email Rachel Cook at rachelc@engineerica.com with any questions.

Information Session Recording

Learning Center Innovation Grant

Information Session Recording – hosted by Rachel Cook. 

  • Feel free to share this recording with anyone interested
    in applying for the grant.
  • Please email Rachel Cook at rachelc@engineerica.com
    with any questions.

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