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About our Lead Retrieval App

Conference Leads is an Apple IOS and Android compatible mobile app that helps exhibitors capture leads. This app helps reduce the stress of keeping track of business cards and contact sheets by immediately backing up contact data into the cloud. Our lead retrieval software will also help increase the number of qualified leads by allowing the exhibitor to create custom screening questions.


Sharing and exporting the contacts into a CRM or with your team has never been easier. Conference Leads pairs perfectly with our Conference Tracker and Conference Attendee apps. Click below to learn why Conference Leads is the right lead capture solution for you.

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Top Features and Benefits of the Lead Retrieval System

Top Features
  • No proprietary hardware
  • Quick lead capture through badge scanning
  • Push ads can be sent to the attendee app
  • Random name drawing ability for giveaways
  • Email list of collected leads
  • Customizable qualifying questions
  • Exporting capabilities
  • Notes section per lead
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Data analyzing reps and individual lead generation
Benefits for Event Organizers
  • Increase exhibitor satisfaction and retain sponsorships for next event
  • Generate revenue through profit sharing option
  • Stand out in your industry with the latest technology
  • Reduce stress with maintenance free implementation
  • Add value to exhibitor sponsorship offerings
Benefits for Vendors/Exhibitors
  • Spend less time collecting contact information, and more time on the conversation
  • Create qualifier questions to increase viable leads
  • Add notes to each lead to remember significant details later on
  • Retrieve your leads from the cloud at any point
  • Scan leads without an internet connection and upload contacts later

The Conference
Leads Application

The Conference Leads app will convert your Apple iOS or Android device into a portable lead retrieval system. Simply scan the attendee’s conference badge using the device’s camera to capture the contact information of your leads.


You can also create your own qualifiers, enter notes on the lead and fill in any missing data.



Bryan May

Vice President of Business Development

We attended the Agency of America conference as an exhibitor. We used the lead retrieval system app, Conference Leads, and it made it really easy for us to collect the attendees’ information and track notes about our conversations with them. The app is incredibly easy to use. What’s great about it is that at these conferences, many people don’t carry business cards on them anymore, so having the instant and easy capture ability that the app offers gets all of the information and data that we need. The app has made it really simple for us and we enjoyed using it.

Greg Kelly

It turned out to be a tremendous tool. It was successful in capturing all of our contacts that came by... it was a good way to organize our notes, look at strategic ways to get current leads, and also new prospects.

Carl Buddig & Old Wisconsin Companies

Diane Muscari

Business Development Manager

This cost-effective technology allowed me time to talk, demonstrate, and sample products with customers so much more efficiently. I doubled the amount of people met than when I had to write down contact information while trying to demo the products.  At many shows, I am the only individual representing our company in the booth and this technology allowed me to handle a "crowd" and not miss a lead! Thank you and I hope to see you at more events.


Allison Huffman

Industry Initiative Marketing Manager

The last thing you want to do at an exhibition is to be fumbling around with a [lead retrieval] app that doesn’t quickly take the information that you need.  Conference Leads has been great [during the 97th Annual Associated General Contractors of America]. When attendees stop by we are able to tag theme [via QR code] and we are done. There are no extra steps and it has been a great experience.

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