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The Engineerica Education Keynote Series is a complimentary monthly webinar featuring a guest
speaker who specializes in a topic of high interest to academic center staff. Register for the next live webinar, or watch one of our past webinars below.

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Engaging Your Learners With Interactive Digital Strategies

Join us for an exciting workshop where you’ll learn to revolutionize your teaching methods with interactive documents. This workshop is for anyone who wants to create more engaging materials to reach students of the modern era. These invigorating and captivating techniques can be used in areas such as classrooms, online courses, SI sessions, and learning centers. From interactive PowerPoint slides to Excel fill-ins and even digital escape rooms, you’ll discover a range of tools to enhance learning and foster collaboration among your students. This step-by-step session will equip you with the skills to create dynamic materials that promote active engagement and deepen your understanding of class material.

Objectives will include:

Janine Rudnick - Engineerica Education Series: Keynote Speaker
Janine Rudnick

• Gamifying learning by designing immersive challenges that promote teamwork and problem-solving.
• Discovering strategies for integrating interactive materials into your existing curriculum or student support sessions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your teaching approach and inspire your students like never before!

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, March 7th at 2 pm EST


GUEST SPEAKER: Janine Rudnick, Professor and Lead Trainer of the Technology Resource Center, at El Paso Community College

Janine Rudnick is a graduate of South Dakota State University but has been a Texan for over 30 years. She is a professor at El Paso Community College and is the lead trainer for the college’s Technology Resource Center which provides online training for students, faculty, and staff. In addition, she is a Faculty Development Coordinator focusing on active learning. Student engagement is very important to her, and she knows that being involved in learning is an integral part of student success.


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Helping Students On Academic Probation

Presented by Krissica Harper, Private Educator, and Coach.

This workshop offers guidance to higher education practitioners in effectively supporting students on academic probation with an emphasis on marginalized students. It emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges these students encounter. The presentation will highlight practical strategies that create a more inclusive and supportive environment. These include tailored mentorship programs, holistic support services encompassing mental health and financial aid, and flexible academic policies. The workshop encourages practitioners to adopt empathetic and culturally aware approaches that empower them to provide comprehensive support tailored to the specific needs of vulnerable students on academic probation.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.

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Thinking Ahead: Helping Students Build Skill Awareness

Presented by Paige Mertz, Associate Director of Program Analytics at Sam Houston State University.

In today’s ever-evolving academic and professional landscapes, students’ diverse skill sets are vital to their success. This presentation will discuss the potential and importance of helping students hone their technical, soft, transferable, and adaptive skills, which are essential for both student degree attainment and competitiveness in the job market. Students, along with the academic programs and student resources that support them, need to understand these skills and how they strengthen engagement and achievement.

This presentation will provide practical tips and tools that prepare student support resources such as tutoring, advising, and career centers, to take a skills-focused approach to serving students. Attendees will be equipped with strategies to help students turn obstacles into opportunities on their paths to becoming in-demand professionals.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation. Additionally, we’d like to pass along these links which were shared or referenced during the presentation:


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Beyond the Field: How Learning Centers Can Support College Athletes

Presented by Rena Roberts, Director of the Academic Resource Center, at the University of California, Riverside.

College athletes have a unique college experience, one which learning centers may find challenging to support. Due to their strenuous schedules, athletes often find it difficult to utilize academic support services, yet their academic success is usually a requirement for involvement in athletics. But with the right framework, learning centers and their institutions can make it easier for college athletes to access learning support services.

This presentation will discuss the unique aspects of the college athlete experience, and why it is important for learning centers to ensure that college athletes can access and utilize support services. The presentation will share how the Academic Resource Center (ARC) at UC Riverside supports athletes and provides recommendations for how learning centers can collaborate with athletic departments to support this unique student population.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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The Pot at the End of the Rainbow: Fiscal Growth and How to Cultivate Donors, Sponsors, and Gifts for Learning Centers

Presented by Dr. Geoff Bailey

College and university learning centers often struggle to find sufficient fiscal resources to support the diverse academic needs of their students. In an era of tight resources and the impending Demographic 25 cliff, it’s more important than ever for academic centers to find new ways to leverage their strengths, data, and partnerships to cultivate the financial resources they need.

This presentation shows how one university learning center has diversified its financial support through campus and community partnerships as well as corporate sponsorships to help augment services and scale up their impact on student success.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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Supporting At-Risk Students Through Proactive Tutoring

Presented by Dr. Barbara Hong 


This webinar will address critical issues facing at-risk college students. This is a particularly important topic when enrollment is decreasing and students’ learning gaps are widening. Using evidence-based strategies, you will learn how to reframe tutoring services so that they are student-initiated, student-centered, and student-directed. You will also discover the real impact data can have on sustaining effective tutoring programs and how to present such evidence to your administration and faculty for their buy-in. Most of all, you will learn how to build and position tutoring services as a transformational and ubiquitous service for all your students.

Questions answered during this webinar include:

  • Who are considered at-risk students?
  • Why do colleges wait until students are on probation or suspension before intervening?
  • What barriers do at-risk students face as they transition to and through college?
  • Do Early Alert programs work?
  • How do colleges determine which interventions are effective?
  • How can institutions empower students to take charge of their own education?


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How to Scaffold Working Memory to Aid Learning

Presented by Dr. Rick Bryck

Working Memory (WM), a fundamental executive function, can be harnessed by learning centers and other student-serving departments in higher education to improve student outcomes, especially for neurodivergent students or students with executive function challenges.

WM serves as a gatekeeper to information processing and knowledge acquisition. This session covers fundamental attributes of WM, including its limitations, connections to learning, and the related concept of “cognitive load.”

Viewers will be able to take away the following from this presentation:

  • Learn how to “hack” WM with strategies for efficient use of this limited but crucial component of learning during tutoring and learning sessions.
  • Understand the connections and importance of working memory to learning.
  • Modify academic content to empower learning centers and their support staff to maximize WM capacity, and thus make learning sessions more efficient.
  • Understand and employ other strategies for supporting WM in learning centers, especially in students with executive function challenges.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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Get Hire-Ed:
Strategically Planning Your Career in Higher Education

Presented by Wendy Simmerman

Are you passionate about higher education but feeling stuck where you are? Do you enjoy your job but find yourself wondering if other roles would be more fulfilling? Would you like to take on more responsibility and grow into more senior roles, but aren’t sure where to start? This webinar is for you!

In this webinar, we discussed the nuts and bolts of strategically planning your career in higher education, with lots of practical exercises and tips you can use immediately. Whether you are just starting out in higher ed or a seasoned mid-career professional, this webinar will provide value and direction; demystifying a process that can be confusing and complex. You will leave the webinar with a personalized strategy for career growth in higher education.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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Bringing Tutors into the Classroom:
Piloting Embedded Tutoring

Presented by Luke Matulewicz

Embedded tutoring can reduce the DFW rates of a traditionally difficult course. It can also generate a large increase in tutoring traffic, higher test grades for students who attend tutoring, and higher final course grades. During this webinar, you’ll learn about the experience of Kansas State University with embedded tutoring: their successes, challenges, and data story – with statistical significance. You’ll also learn how you can duplicate these results at your own institution.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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Holistic Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Students in 2022 and Beyond

Presented by Julie Loppacher

As institutions adjust to the new normal, how can colleges best meet the holistic needs of students especially when some of them have been profoundly affected by the COVID pandemic and other major events? This webinar discusses dynamic and adaptable strategies and approaches to help faculty, learning center managers and other college support staff learn how to approach struggling students with respect, nuance, and relevancy.


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Prioritize Your Wellbeing:
How Learning Center Professionals Can Adopt Self-Care Practices as an Act of Self-Compassion

Presented by Abe Saunders

This webinar outlines best practices for incorporating self-care as an act of self-compassion. The presentation includes a discussion to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills in the areas of self-care and mental health and wellness.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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The Perfect Semester Kick-Off:
Planning An Academic Success Conference for Students

Presented by Rachel Hoover

In the Fall of 2018, Lamar University experimented with a new method to help its undergraduate students prepare for the new semester to increase their chances of college success. This method worked so well that they have used it ever since.

The concept is innovative and can be applied by any college that wants to help its students succeed. Watch this webinar to learn all about this innovative student success initiative including Staffing, Budgeting, Facilities, Attendance incentives, Marketing, Recruiting strategies, Scheduling, Student retention, and success results.

Click here to download the materials from this presentation.


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Managing in the Face of Change:
Planning for Adaptability, Sustainability, and Growth

Presented by Stacey Blackwell

In this presentation, a learning center director who has managed a large operation of over 300 student leaders, four physical centers, online services, in-class supports, courses, training programs, and supplemental academic support programs will share some promising practices for managing in the face of change, with a focus on how to plan for adaptability, sustainability, and growth.


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Extreme Academic Makeover:
Maximize College Student Learning in Just One Session

Presented by Melissa Brocato

As Learning Center professionals, students build trust with us, and share information about their lives and situations. These times are often teachable moments through which we can mentor students with the learning strategies needed to equip them for college-level learning and beyond.

This webinar presents a variety of activities designed to teach learning processes and strategies to engage students, and are also invited to share their own success stories and tools.


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The Key to Educational Equity and Excellence

Presented by Saundra McGuire

Many students come to college lacking the thinking skills and strategies required to be academically successful. This may be particularly true for minoritized and first-generation students.

This presentation addresses how to close the achievement gap plaguing many institutions by teaching students metacognitive learning strategies that enable them to move from memorization and regurgitation to analysis, evaluation, and creation.

Learn More or download the Webinar Resources.


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Transforming Students into Self-Regulated Learners:
Supporting Students to Support Themselves

Presented by Dr. Linda Nilson

Most students have serious misconceptions about learning, especially about the amount of effort and focus it requires and your role as a learning facilitator.

Teaching students how to become self-regulated learners dispels these misconceptions and helps them understand what learning actually involves. Watch to learn specific strategies for accomplishing this and teaching students the learning process.

Learn More or download the Webinar Resources.


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Peer Tutor Trainings that Inspire, Educate, and Challenge:
Approaches to Tutor Training

Presented by Daniel Stanford

Tutor training programs have the potential not only to provide peer educators with prerequisite concepts but to guide students in their growth as educators and draw them into the educational mission of the institutions we serve.

In order to accomplish this, we need to approach tutors as the advanced students and gifted educators they are, challenging them with intellectually engaging ideas and modeling the pedagogies that we hope to see them use in the center.

Learn More by reading our blog.


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Level Up Your Online Engagement:
Leveraging Technology to Educate Your Support Services

Presented by Marci Powell

In this webinar, we will focus on how to create high-quality virtual meeting experiences that increase engagement, foster interaction, and promote better outcomes for students using new technological trends and developments such as alternate reality, virtual reality, AI, gamification, and more.

Learn More by reading our blog.


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Equity and Inclusion:
Decolonizing Learning Centers

Presented by Dr. Torri Staton

This interactive workshop will examine vocabulary and historical context that contributes to the equity and inclusion of our learning centers while understanding our roles in creating more accessibility in our learning spaces.


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