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Holistic Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Students in 2022 and Beyond

By Julie Loppacher, University of Southern California
Time: Thursday June 2nd at 1 pm Eastern
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As institutions adjust to the new normal, how can colleges best meet the holistic needs of students specially when some of them have been profoundly affected by the COVID pandemic and other major events? This webinar will discuss dynamic and adaptable strategies and approaches to help faculty, learning center managers and other college support staff learn how to approach struggling students with respect, nuance, and relevancy.

Julie Loppacher is currently the Director of the Kortschak Center for Learning and Creativity, at USC. In her first year with USC, the National Collegiate Learning Center Association awarded the Kortschak Center the President’s award for Outstanding Contributions to Students, a first for the Center. With a background in coaching, learning strategies and disability advocacy, Julie brings her passion to the pursuit of helping students unlock their unique gifts and bring the joy back to learning. With nearly 20 years’ experience supporting students Julie works to find new and creative ways to enhance the process of learning for all students.

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Prioritize Your Wellbeing

How Learning Center Professionals Can Adopt Self-Care Practices As An Act of Self-Compassion

Presented by Abe Saunders

This webinar outlines best practices for incorporating self-care as an act of self-compassion. The presentation includes discussion to enhance awareness, knowledge, and skills in the areas of self-care and mental health and wellness.

Abe Saunders, M.A., M. Ed., serves as the Associate Director for the Center for Student Learning at the College of Charleston. His professional background and graduate work are in clinical mental health counseling and college student affairs administration.

You can download the handouts for this webinar by clicking here.

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The Perfect Semester Kick-Off:
Planning An Academic Success Conference for Students

Presented by Stacey Blackwell

In the Fall of 2018, Lamar University experimented with a new method to help its undergraduate students prepare for the new semester to increase their chances of college success. This method worked so well that they have used it ever since.

The concept is innovative and can be applied by any college that wants to help its students succeed. Watch this webinar to learn all about this innovative student success initiative including: Staffing, Budgeting, Facilities, Attendance incentives, Marketing, Recruiting strategies, Scheduling, Student retention and success results.

You can download the handouts for this webinar by clicking here.

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Managing in the Face of Change:
Planning for Adaptability, Sustainability, and Growth

Presented by Stacey Blackwell

In this presentation, a learning center director who has managed a large operation of over 300 student leaders, four physical centers, online services, in-class supports, courses, training programs, and supplemental academic support programs will share some promising practices for managing in the face of change, with a focus on how to plan for adaptability, sustainability, and growth.


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Extreme Academic Makeover:
Maximize College Student Learning in Just One Session

Presented by Melissa Brocato

As Learning Center professionals, students build trust with us, and share information about their lives and situations. These times are often teachable moments through which we can mentor students with the learning strategies needed to equip them for college-level learning and beyond.

This webinar presents a variety of activities designed to teach learning processes and strategies to engage students, and are also invited to share their own success stories and tools.


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The Key to Educational Equity and Excellence 

Presented by Saundra Mcguire

Many students come to college lacking the thinking skills and strategies required to be academically successful. This may be particularly true for minoritized and first-generation students.

This presentation addresses how to close the achievement gap plaguing many institutions by teaching students metacognitive learning strategies that enable them to move from memorization and regurgitation to analysis, evaluation, and creation.

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Transforming Students into Self-Regulated Learners:
Supporting Students to Support Themselves

Presented by Dr. Linda Nilson

Most students have serious misconceptions about learning, especially about the amount of effort and focus it requires and your role as a learning facilitator.

Teaching students how to become self-regulated learners dispels these misconceptions and helps them understand what learning actually involves. Watch to learn specific strategies for accomplishing this and teaching students the learning process.

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Peer Tutor Trainings that
Inspire, Educate, and Challenge:

Approaches to Tutor Training

Presented by Daniel Stanford

Tutor training programs have the potential not only to provide peer educators with prerequisite concepts, but to guide students in their growth as educators and draw them into the educational mission of the institutions we serve.

In order to accomplish this, we need to approach tutors as the advanced students and gifted educators they are, challenging them with intellectually engaging ideas and modelling the pedagogies that we hope to see them use in the center.

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Level Up Your Online Engagement:

Leveraging Technology to Educate Your Support Services

Presented by Marci Powell

In this webinar, we will focus on how to create high-quality virtual meeting experiences that increase engagement, foster interaction, and promote better outcomes for students using new technological trends and developments such as alternate reality, virtual reality, AI, gamification, and more.

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Equity and Inclusion:

Decolonizing Learning Centers

Presented by Dr. Torri Staton

This interactive workshop will examine vocabulary and historical context that contributes to the equity and inclusion of our learning centers while understanding our roles in creating more accessibility in our learning spaces.


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