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What Users See in Accudemia


One of the most common questions Accudemia users ask is, what do different users see when they log into the system? It’s a perfectly understandable question. After all, to foster the best relationship possible with your center’s management software, you as the manager need to know what the experience will look like for different users so that you can guide them through it. So for this week’s Tech Talk segment, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez reviewed the basic default functions each type of user can perform in Accudemia.

Managers most often want to learn about the student experience in Accudemia, so we started there. Students have several things they can typically do in Accudemia, though your setup may look a bit different:

  • Log into their Accudemia portal to create an appointment.
  • Log into their Accudemia portal to connect to a virtual appointment or walk-in session.
  • Sign into an in-person or virtual kiosk.
  • Check their classes and center attendance reports.

As you can see, students’ allowed activities are limited and do not allow them access to any data they shouldn’t be seeing.

Tutors have a bit more freedom in Accudemia, though less than admins. If they are students, they will be able to do anything a student can do, with a few extra options for tutors. They should be able to:

  • Log into the Accudemia portal to create an appointment for a student.
  • Log into the Accudemia portal to open a virtual appointment or walk-in session.
  • Log into the Accudemia portal to check class and center attendance reports for students, and check their time logs.
  • Sign into a regular or virtual kiosk as a tutor.

Again, their experience may vary based on the settings of your center or institution. For example, if your center doesn’t offer appointments, they won’t be able to make appointments for students.

Not all accounts have instructors who interact with Accudemia, but there can be a few useful reasons for them to do so. Here are the basic things instructors can do when given access to Accudemia:

  • Log into their Accudemia portal to update their class information or attendance.
  • Create or update information related to referrals, if your account is utilizing that feature.
  • Check the class and center attendance reports for their students. Many accounts set up automatic reports to go to instructors to show center attendance, but if you give them access to Accudemia, then they can check this information themselves whenever needed!

System Users

System Users are also known as Admins, and they have open access to do most anything in Accudemia, limited most often by their scope, or location where they work. Here are some fundamental ways System Users might interact with Accudemia:


  • Login to their Accudemia portal to manage their center’s settings and session logs.
  • Pull reports.
  • Create and update referrals, surveys, session assessments, and other features.

Depending on a user’s role or roles, they may have a very different experience in Accudemia than the one you’re used to as an admin. We hope the above information helps you better understand the differences in terms of what the roles allow by default. If you want to see any of these functionalities in action from specific user roles’ perspectives we encourage you to create test users with these roles and permissions and explore what their world looks like by logging in and signing in as the test user.

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