Engineerica Accudemia Drop-In Visit Management with Accudemia

Drop-In Visit Management with Accudemia

Create a computer kiosk for students to swipe or scan their ID to sign in and out of in-person sessions. Simplify the sign-in and out process with computer kiosks for both walk-in sessions and appointments. Add flexibility and convenience by helping your students find the right information at any time.

Customize what will be shown to students based on the services they select, prioritizing specific information for the most efficient experience possible.

Take it a step further and cast your waiting-line queues in several screens across campus. Improve the overall learning experience and survey your students on available kiosks allowing you to track the effectiveness of certain sessions.

Offer a drop-in option to support students virtually in real-time. Virtual kiosks are quick and easy virtual assistants, checking students in and out of their sessions using their own personal devices. Customize the default services, courses, and tutors to personalize the experience or leave these options generic so students have the ability to maneuver and select exactly what they need when they need it. Track interactions while allowing students to meet their tutors and instructors in a streaming platform they trust. No more waiting in line at school during lunch, students can now open their personal devices and access their tutor immediately.

Track visit data such as service, course, activity, and instructor. Kiosks can track sessions with students and their tutors/instructors by creating session logs. Session logs contain detailed information about the session such as dates, times, and participants. Tutors and instructors can take notes and insert comments to help create a summary of what took place during the session for easy tracking. This makes follow-up sessions even easier by having past session notes and comments readily available.

Enable a waiting queue for students to be pulled from when staff become available. Waiting queues in Accudemia will allow staff to reduce overall center wait times and improve the service provided to each student. Assign assistance to students based on their specific needs. If the student population exceeds those of the tutors and instructors, Accudemia will allow grouping options that can be matched based on the type of assistance needed. Cast wait-times and queue positions on screens around the center to help students properly prepare for their session prior to the meeting.

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