Engineerica Accudemia Center Operations Management with Accudemia

Center Operations Management with Accudemia

Single and Multi-Center Capability:

Set up a single center for tracking vital student attendance and usage details, or multiple centers for a cohesive student tracking experience across campus. Separate staff, services, surveys, assessments, and other features by center, and create a unique check-in experience that meets the data collection and student population needs of each individual area.

Manage center operations based on traffic data and feedback

Set up and distribute surveys to students to collect vital student feedback. Generate a Traffic Analysis report to easily analyze traffic patterns and trends in the center. Use feedback and traffic data to inform staffing and scheduling, and to refine features such as services.

Oversee staff schedule, hours, and assigned services

Easily assign tutors and staff to their assistable services and courses through an import or manual entry, eliminating confusion and allowing students to select the right tutor or staff member for their needs. Build their availability in our intuitive scheduling system and manage schedule exceptions such as off-time directly in the system or through their own calendars with our calendar integration (extra fees apply).

Supervise and see all scheduled appointments for students

Tutors, staff, and admins can plan their day by viewing all upcoming appointments in several different views. Easily reschedule or cancel appointments, or view details to prepare. For virtual appointments, quickly connect to the digital platform for the meeting and track visits through Accudemia with little to no manual intervention required.

Leave notes on sessions and/or complete assessments

Attendance data is just one piece of the puzzle. Get important details about your staff’s interactions with students with customizable session assessments, and pull reports to see trends in data points such as student preparedness, topics covered, and more. Or allow staff and tutors to leave simple session notes that students can forward to their instructors and other stakeholders.

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