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Ordering Accudemia

(1) Licensing

We offer three licensing options with Accudemia.  See this webpage for the details.

For information on what we consider a ‘center’ for licensing purposes, click here.

Monthly subscriptions

The Accudemia subscription fee is based on an annual subscription plan.  If for budget or other reasons you need a subscription period of less than one year, monthly subscriptions are also available.  The monthly subscription fee is one-tenth of the annual fee:

Monthly subscription fee = (Annual Fee / 10) per month.

A minimum subscription period of 6 months applies to new accounts.  A free 30-day trial account is available to new users.

(2) Portable Tracking Devices App (iAccu)

iAccu is a special mobile device app that works with Accudemia.  iAccu will transform your Apple iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad into a portable attendance recording device. iAccu is available for free download via the Apple App Store.  For more information on iAccu, please click here.

(3) ID Readers

Students sign in and out of your center by entering their student ID number in Accudemia.  For a faster and more accurate sign-in and sign-out process, you can use a barcode or magnetic stripe reader to read the student ID off their ID card.  For more information on the ID readers, click here. If your institution does not currently have ID cards, we can help with that, too! Click here to find out about our ID card systems.

Terms of Service

The Accudemia Terms of Service page is available here.

If you require changes to our standard Terms of Service, your request will be passed to our attorney for review.  An additional fee is required to cover the legal and administrative fees associated with handling your request.  This fee is typically $2,000 but could be higher or lower depending on the complexity of the required changes.

For our Privacy Policy, click here.

If you have any questions about Accudemia licensing or fees, please contact us.

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