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What is Conference Tracker?

Conference Tracker is a cloud-based event management solution ready to go to work as your event hub by handling all of your technology needs as well as providing all the right tools to make your event a success! At the heart of Conference Tracker is a powerful attendance tracking system that automates the awarding of continuing education credits and provides easy-to-read engagement reporting. If you hold conferences, conventions, continuing education sessions, workshops, trade-shows, seminars, summits, symposiums, retreats, expos or any other type of event… you came to the right place.

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  • Attendance Tracking and Reports
  • Automated Award of Continuing Education Credits
  • CE/CEU Certificate Designer and Dispersal
  • Badge Designer and Printing
  • Easy Self Check-in Stations
  • Import & Export

Registration & Marketing

  • Attendee Online Registration
  • Exhibitor Registration (with Exhibitors Package)
  • Payment Services & Discount Coupons
  • Invoicing Options
  • Session Registration and Admittance Control
  • Meal Ticket Replacement
  • Email Marketing Tools to Boost Registration

Attendee Engagement

  • Attendee Mobile App
  • Attendee Web Portal
  • Session Schedule and Maps
  • Social Feed and Polls
  • Gamification and Networking Options

Virtual & Hybrid

  • Event Streaming with Live and Recorded Sessions
  • Integration with Streaming Platforms Like Zoom
  • Virtual Exhibit Hall
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Networking and Social Tools

Exhibitors & Sponsors

  • Lead Capture and Retrieval
  • Advertising Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Deck
  • Meetings Scheduling
  • Prize Drawings to Improve Engagement
  • Prize Wheel

Continuing Education

  • Automatic Attendance Tracking
  • Credit Tracking and Assignment
  • Attendance Certificate Generator
  • Automated Transcripts with e-Delivery
  • Assessments and Evaluations

Conference Tracker Software Add-ons

For Exhibitors

Mobile app to scan attendee badges to get their contact information, and more!

For Attendees

Mobile app that includes electronic conference guide, conference social network, and much more!


Top Features and Benefits Of Conference Tracker

Top Features
  • Streaming integration options for virtual events
  • First-class support before, during, and after your event
  • Attendee and exhibitor registration form
  • Badge, certificate, and transcript designer
  • Conference check-in station
  • Detailed analytics
  • Session tracking at the event
  • Automatic validation and calculation of credits
  • Communicate via email to any attendees, presenters, exhibitors, or staff
  • Electronically deliverable certificates
  • Exporting capabilities
  • Surveys and follow-up emails after the event has concluded
Benefits for Event Organizers
  • Pivot your event format when virtual options are needed
  • Collect and analyze data to improve overall event operations
  • Improve the accuracy of the credits being awarded
  • Reduce the manual processes of paper data collection
  • Generate emails to distribute prior to, during, or after the event
  • Decrease costs spent on printed materials
  • Save time by automating manual processes
Benefits for Attendees
  • Watch streamed events from a desktop or mobile device
  • Reduce responsibility of having to self-track attendance
  • Receive quick transcripts and proof of attendance
  • Enjoy the ease of the check-in process
  • Access shared files, photos, and social board
  • Continuing education units (CEU) are automatically tracked
  • Take a look at our Conference Attendee app for additional benefits


2018 LB Payne Insurance Seminar

Dr. Nick Payne

Exec. Dir., Kentucky Association of Chiropractors

The (after conference) process that took 1 to 2 days now takes less than an hour. I cannot tell you the time that saved us! If you're looking to track CE hours give Conference Tracker a good solid look. I've looked through lots of tracking software in the space and there's no other product out there as efficient as Conference Tracker!

Ohio-Section American Water Works Association

Jessica Ballard

Executive Assistant

Conference Tracker has definitely made a difference in helping us better serve our attendees.

Erin Stapleton

2016 GACE Conference Chair

Conference Tracker was exactly what we needed.  We couldn't be more pleased with it.

Dr. Rory Reid, Ph.D., LCSW

2015 SASH Conference Chair

If you're looking for a product that is easy to use, that allows real-time tracking, the ability to customize and print registrations, the ability to see sessions that are hot versus not with post-conference analytics for planning subsequent years' events this is the software package.

Florida Chiropractic Society

Dr. Craig Berko, D.C.

2015 Executive Director

We use this software to ensure compliance with the requirements of Continuing Education Credits earned... The attendees appreciate that we have invested in this software to provide a solution that delivers an awesome and positive conference experience.

Dr. Joel Manion, D.C.

2014 FCPA Vice President

This Conference Tracker software made tracking courses much easier and allowed us to track if the sessions were required or not...  Scanning attendees' badges alleviates the problem of having long lines of people trying to sign-in on an attendance sheet.

UPMC Hamot

Deborah Morton

Nursing Educator

I am a Nurse Planner for our hospital's regional conferences. This past April, we held our annual UPMC Hamot Nursing Symposium. It was a single-day conference with numerous breakout sessions, 48 speakers, and this year our planning committee wanted to add an App to the conference experience to track attendance, obtain evaluation feedback from attendees, and to generate continuing education credit/certificates for our attendees. I have worked as a Nurse planner for a number of years and we have always used paper forms for evaluations and attendance. I have attended other national professional conferences and utilized apps before (as an attendee). So, I have experience with the “user” side of apps but this was my first opportunity to work with the “behind the scenes” set up of an App for an educational, professional conference. Overall our experience was very positive. The staff at Engineerica who help with Conference Tracker are exceptional. Chadd Blodgett was very professional and accommodating with our requests for references and numerous quotes - to make sure that we felt comfortable with our decision in purchasing Conference Tracker. The set-up and implementation of the App were possible because of the tireless efforts and tremendous support of Tawan T. He is good-natured and very knowledgeable. He handled challenges VERY well! He can troubleshoot anything that comes up. He was very timely in response to my questions. (ie. He returned emails and phone calls within the same day – and usually within the hour). Tawan is very professional and organized. And when we were discussing different things over the phone, he was extremely patient in response to my questions. It was an extreme pleasure to work with Tawan on this project. Our attendees gave us a lot of positive feedback - noting the App to be very user-friendly and interactive. The summary data in the form of graphs that we got from Conference Tracker was very professional-looking. Thanks to Conference Tracker, we took our conference to the next level!

Christian Counselors of Texas

Audra Dahl


As President of Christian Counselors of Texas, we selected Conference Tracker to track workshop attendance and CEs. This was a great system that worked very well for us. There was just one glitch that got worked out promptly. Great support and I loved having one contact person at Conference Tracker so it was nice having a familiar voice on the other end of the line. Tawan was very professional and explained things with such great patience and clarity.

Capitol Consultants

Annie W. Wilson


The Conference Tracker app by Engineerica is by far the best app the S.C. Chiropractic Association has used for our annual convention. Uploading information to the app is seamless with the use of helpful templates and an easy-to-use website. Compared to other apps, Conference Tracker really separates itself once the conference starts. The ability for attendees to have access to the schedule, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and much more all on their mobile device is a huge benefit for them that they very much appreciated. For our association, giving the attendees the capability to track how many credit hours they earned throughout the week on their own is of paramount importance. The S.C. Chiropractic Association will continue to use this great product.

Metro Atlanta EMS

Chris Smith

2015/2016 Conference Chair

We used the Conference Tracker application for the Metro Atlanta EMS Conference to track attendee session attendance for distributing Continuing Education Credits for our conference attendees. The application was phenomenal! In the previous years, we tracked attendance using the manual sign-in sheets and then distributed CEU certificates by creating them using mail merge and emailing them individually. This was very time-consuming. This year the Conference Tracker app tracked all the attendee sessions and we distributed all the CEU hour certificates by email with the click of a button! This saved us many hours and the certificates look much more professional. Creating and printing the pre-registration attendee's badges was also super easy and a huge time saver. We also used the app for walk-up registration and printed the badges instantly onsite. The app was very easy to use and very intuitive. We imported all our data and used the app for the entire conference without even having to take tutorials or spend hours learning how it worked. We were so impressed with the ease of use and functionality of the application that we are now recommending the app for state-wide EMS CEU tracking and we have recommended it to a local hospital as well as other conferences in the area. You hit a home run with the Conference Tracker app! Thank you for great conference attendee tracking and making a very stressful weekend much less stressful!

Planning Tools for Any Type of Event

Conference  |  Convention  |  Seminar  |  Summit  |  Symposium
Continuing Education Sessions  |  Tradeshows and Expos |  Retreat  |  Workshop

What Can Conference Tracker Do?


Eliminate the need for multiple products. Save money and time with an all-in-one integrated event management platform.


Improve the accuracy of attendance by reducing the probability of human error.

Go Green

Go paperless and reduce the need for multiple sign-in sheets.

Streaming Platforms

Stream with Conference Tracker or connect an appropriate streaming interface.

Data Collection

Reduce the time spent gathering and qualifying leads by collecting contact information all in one platform.

Retain Information

Retain and reuse information from previous events.

Continuing Education

Facilitate the creation of continuing education credit (CE/CEU) and provide reports to accreditation bodies.

Track Engagement

Resolve the challenge of giving sponsors and exhibitors their money’s worth of exposure and face-time to the audience by actively tracking engagement.

Increase Retention

Increases retention of members/audience by understanding how attendees interact with sponsors/exhibitors.

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FAQs about our Conference Tracking Software

What is event management software used for?

Event management software is used to streamline and automate various aspects of event planning and organization. It helps manage tasks such as registration, ticketing, scheduling, venue selection, attendee communication, and overall event logistics.

What is a conference management system?

A conference management system is a software platform specifically designed to facilitate the planning and execution of conferences. It encompasses features like registration, session scheduling, speaker management, attendance tracking, CE calculation, attendee engagement, and post-event analysis.

What are the different types of conference management?

Different types of conference management systems can vary based on their features and target audience. Some common types include academic conference management systems, corporate conference management systems, association conference management systems, and online conference management systems.

What are the benefits of a conference management system?

The benefits of a conference management system include improved efficiency in handling administrative tasks, enhanced attendee experience through simplified registration and communication processes, accurate and up-to-date scheduling, better speaker and session management, data analytics for informed decision-making, and overall cost and time savings in organizing conferences.

How to organize a successful conference?

Use Conference Tracker.


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