AccuClass Support

AccuClass Guides & Webinars

  • For a Quick Start Guide on using the AccuClass system, click here.
  • For a guide on which attendance recording method (e.g. calling the roll, barcode reader, RFID reader, etc) would work best for you, click here.
  • For pre-recorded webinars on using the AccuClass software, click here.
  • For the AccuClass Reference manual, click here.

Support Policies

Please make sure to read the support policies for more information: Support Policies.  For our Privacy Policy, click here.

Phone and Email Support

Support via phone and direct email is available as follows:

  • Institutional Account: Complimentary phone and email support are included with your subscription.
  • (Old) Single Instructor Account: Phone and email support can be added to your account for $299/year for up to 10 incidents.

Contact us if you have any questions.

#COVID19: Stream your event online and track attendance: