Accudemia Support – Need help?

IMPORTANT: Technical support for the Accudemia software is only provided to registered technical contacts (center's staff members who are authorized to contact us on behalf of the center). Other users, including students, must contact their academic center for assistance.


Need help with your account?  Want to schedule or cancel an appointment?  Cannot find an open slot? If so, you are in the wrong place. This website belongs to the company that developed the software your college is using and is not run by your college staff.  Our support techs do not have access to your data and thus cannot help you with your account or appointments.  For assistance, please contact your college staff.  For example, if you are trying to schedule an appointment with a tutor, then contact the tutoring center at your college for assistance.

All Users:

  • Knowledge Base: Quick answers to common questions.
  • User's Manual: If you didn't find what you were looking for in the FAQ, here's the full manual of Accudemia. Just search for the answer.
  • Accudemia Blog: The best tips and news published directly by the Accudemia Development Team.
  • Accudemia Webinars: The quickest way to learn about the features and functionality of Accudemia is by watching our pre-recorded webinars.  Sign-up for the next webinar while you visit.
  • Accudemia User Voice:  The repository for ideas that we pull from to create enhancements and improvements to the software in future updates and versions.
  • Accudemia Privacy Policy: How we handle your data.

Still needing help?

Contact your center administrator for more help, issues with your appointments or attendance issues.

For Administrators:

Accudemia Support Request