Engineerica Product Tutorials What Can You Do With the New Accudemia App?

What Can You Do With the New Accudemia App?


In our latest Accudemia Tech Talk, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong went over some basic but important features of the new Accudemia app, which is available for all regular Accudemia accounts, and Business Development Manager Chadd Blodgett provided a demonstration of the app, which mentioned some of its additional capabilities as well. The app is designed for students and tutors (or staff members) to easily access some important Accudemia features, such as appointments and notifications. To view Nick’s overview, click here, and to view Chadd’s demonstration, click here. Or read on for a summary of both!

Logging In
Once the app is downloaded, students and tutors can access it by using the same username and password they use to log into Accudemia in the browser. Users whose schools use Single Sign-on may wonder how to log in since SSO does not require an additional username and password, and the good news is the app makes that easy too!

All the student or tutor needs to do is download the Accudemia app from the app store (currently available on iOS, with Android coming soon) log into Accudemia on the browser as normal, using whatever SSO credentials are already set up. From here, click on the phone icon in the top right of the screen. This will show a QR code that can be scanned using the Accudemia app. To do this, click, “Scan QR Code” on the app login screen, which will bring up the device’s camera that to scan the code. The scanning of the QR code has to be done directly through the Accudemia app’s login screen to log the user in, and cannot be accessed by scanning the QR code through their phone’s camera app. Once the code is scanned by the Accudemia app the user will then automatically be logged in.

One of the great benefits of Accudemia’s cloud-based capabilities is that students can make appointments with tutors from anywhere, and as the center manager you can configure your appointment settings and tutor schedules to be assured that these appointments will always fall within your designated parameters and policies. With the Accudemia app, making appointments is even easier for students, because they can make it through the app and not the browser. To do this, after logging in they’ll tap the “Appointments” option on the bottom menu. They can then follow the same process as they do now in the browser to make an appointment, including adding notes and attaching files to the appointment. 

If the appointment is virtual, then students can also join the session right from the app when the appointment time arrives. They can also make changes to the appointment, including scheduling and adding notes later.

Social Wall
The Accudemia Social Wall is a new feature designed to allow students to connect and engage with each other about topics relevant to their education and support services. Users with appropriate permissions can create channels for connecting with other users about topics such as textbook exchanges and questions about specific courses. Channels can be made private to only include specific users, public to all users or certain types of users at the institution, or global to all users across Accudemia.

While any user can access the Social Wall through the browser, students and tutors can also access it through the app by clicking on the Social Wall icon on the bottom menu. The first time a user accesses the Social Wall, they’ll be shown a quick intro. After that, they can start browsing, joining, and participating in channels. They can click the Search icon to browse available channels to join, and comment on posts on existing channels or start new threads as well. Posts and comments can also be liked for further engagement. If the user manages or is a member of a channel, they can also choose what they receive notifications about on those channels in the app.

Messages and Notifications
The Accudemia app is also a great place for students and tutors to check notifications that they have received regarding things like appointments, the Social Wall, pending surveys, and general announcements. To do this, they can simply tap the Notifications icon in the bottom menu, where they will see all of their notifications, starting with the most recent one. They can tap on one to view more details. Announcements can also include links and videos, which can be viewed in the app once expanded. For pending surveys, students can see a list of ones that are still waiting to be filled out, and complete them right in the app.

If a student or tutor receives a direct message through the app from another user, they can reply directly through the app, view their sent messages, and filter their inbox to view specific messages. They can also send new messages to other users.

There are lots of other things students and tutors can do in the Accudemia app, such as check their personal visit history and see their class schedule if that’s been loaded into Accudemia.  There are more features available but these are the most important functions we wanted to be sure you knew about! Thank you to Nick for reviewing these features, and to Chadd for demonstrating them in the app. If you are not yet an Accudemia user and you want to learn more about Accudemia and its app, or if you are an Accudemia Lite user and you’d like to consider upgrading for access to all the Accudemia app’s features, please get in touch with us to learn more about how Accudemia can help your center!

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