Engineerica Accudemia Online Tutor Appointment Scheduling with Accudemia

Online Tutor Appointment Scheduling with Accudemia

Access and schedule from anywhere with an internet browser:

Accudemia provides an easy-to-use online appointment scheduler for students, staff, and administrators. Appointments can be made from any computer or device with an internet connection or Wi-Fi. Accudemia supports both face-to-face and virtual appointment options.

Calendar Integration:

Accudemia now offers direct integration with Outlook 365. The calendar sync is done via a third-party utility that seamlessly adds your Accudemia appointments to Outlook 365 and will also add your Outlook 365 appointments to Accudemia!

Please contact our sales team for more information about this add-on feature.


  • Notify you by email of any changes made in Outlook 365 to your Accudemia appointments.
  • Update your availability in Accudemia when appointments are added to your Outlook 365.
  • Send appointments made in Accudemia to your Outlook 365 instantly.
  • Enable you to reschedule or cancel Accudemia appointments from within Outlook 365.
  • Adhere to your Accudemia appointment restrictions even when attempting to change the appointment from Outlook 365

Automate email and/or text appointment confirmations and reminders:

Once an appointment is made, students and staff will receive an email confirmation as an Outlook 365 invitation. If the appointment is for a virtual session, the email confirmation and reminders will include the virtual link to join. In addition to the confirmation and reminder emails, students can receive text reminders for their appointments.

Supports on-campus, face-to-face, and virtual services:

A cloud-based center management system for your day-to-day operations. Access Accudemia from any internet browser and connect to your school’s platform through single sign-on (SSO).

This student support services technology handles your everyday needs including appointment scheduling, walk-in/drop-in services, in-person or virtual meetings, tutoring or advising notes, session logs, staff scheduling, data reporting, and role management for one or multiple centers.

Attach documents to appointments for asynchronous services:

Administrators, staff, and students can now share documents such as notes, research papers, quizzes, forms, and more when scheduling appointments. These items are then available to view prior to scheduled appointments.

Track no-shows and set restrictions:

  • Set limits and restrictions for your appointments
  • Determine maximum, default, and minimum appointment lengths
  • Set a maximum number of appointments per week for students and staff
  • Set maximum hours of appointments per week for students and staff
  • Determine how far in advance a student can book an appointment
  • Determine how close to the scheduled time an appointment can be made
  • Set a No-show limit
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