Accudemia User Spotlight Series

The Accudemia User Spotlight Series is a video series featuring a guest speaker discussing Accudemia and how they use it at their academic center.  The videos were recorded live during our live weekly Tech Talk meeting.  Each video provides an insight into how Accudemia is used to improve academic center services.


Check out the latest videos below, or click learn more to catch up on the blog posts about our guests!

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Accudemia In Use at Davis & Elkins College

Derek Fincham of Davis & Elkins College explains how he utilizes and benefits from using Accudemia in their center.

Using Accudemia Data to Make Decisions

Ilene Marker and Eric Phanthavong of Drexel University explain how Accudemia data is used to make decisions at the college’s peer tutoring center.


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Data Saves the Day with Accudemia

Ann McCalley and Sofia Hernandez from the Community College of Denver were our Accudemia User Spotlight guests for the month of June. They talked about the huge impact that Accudemia has made on their data collection efforts, and their ability to use that data effectively.


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Easy Data Access in Accudemia

Lasandra Tolbert from the University of West Alabama was our guest for this User Spotlight presentation, where she talked about how Accudemia is utilized at her center. During her discussion, she explained how her center benefits from easy-to-use features such as Reports and Session Assessments, and how her day-to-day life at work has improved since the center adopted Accudemia.


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Helping At-Risk Students Succeed with Referrals

Southern University Shreveport Louisiana has been using Accudemia for only a couple of years, but in that time they’ve had enormous success with many of the system’s features. In this User Spotlight discussion, Willie Siglar came on to talk about the institution’s success and the impact that Accudemia has made on the center’s processes.


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Managing the Center in Accudemia

Tom Pyle from Geneva College explains how they use Accudemia to manage their center.


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Handling Student Intake with Waitlines

Kelli Hickey from the University of Texas at Dallas shows how they use Accudemia to manage the student queue in the peer tutoring center.


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Leveraging New Features and Growing Their Usage

Watch Julie Radwanski the academic services coordinator from the University of Toledo speak about using Accudemia in their tutoring center. Includes how students and faculty access their reports covering in-person and virtual tutoring.


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Conducting Virtual Meetings and Appointments with Session Assessments

The College of San Mateo is one of three schools in the San Mateo County Community College District, all of which use Accudemia to track various student services. Four of their employees (Ron Andrade, Jill Haberlin, Kim Sheehan, and Margaret McGugan) recently joined our Accudemia Weekly Session and were featured in our User Spotlight Segment to talk about their experience with Accudemia.


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Unique Setup allowing Tracking of Student Sessions From Anywhere

In this week’s User Spotlight segment, Media Technician Julio Martinez talked about the difference that Accudemia has made for their Learning Center at Santa Barbara City College, where they have used the system since 2016 at 20 locations.


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Managing Multiple Centers

Making other universities jealous is easy to do when you use Accudemia. Ron Lee from Oral Roberts University details how ORU uses Accudemia in versatile ways for ten years. From attendance tracking to appointment scheduling, ORU can accomplish so much with the help of Accudemia.


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A Fresh Update to an Old Process

Engineerica welcomes Keith Werosh and Lorena Diaz from Calumet College of St. Joseph to talk about their experiences using Accudemia. The center also takes advantage of the reports in Accudemia, which help them ensure that they are capturing the right information.


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A Solution for Many Locations

Monmouth uses Accudemia in many locations across the university, and each center uses it a little bit differently. Emily Vandenakker and Dorothy Cleary from Monmouth University speak on their experience using Accudemia from things such as student sign-ins to virtual meeting integration with zoom.


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Tracking Students on the High Seas

Massachusetts Maritime Academy chose Accudemia, which is now the tracking system for the Ship Maintenance Program. Tim Conlon McCombe and Anne Marie Fallon speak about how they are able to use Accudemia on the high seas, without Wifi!


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Traffic Management with Accudemia

Rena M. Burton, Director of the Academic Resource Center at the University of California Riverside, provides support for over 6,500 students annually. From managing employee schedules to arranging appointments for students, the ease of access Accudemia provides data used in grant applications, scheduling, and hiring needs for the ARC.


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Referrals and Tutoring Assessments

We were delighted to have Frances Whaley from Kishwaukee College as our spotlight user at our Accudemia Weekly Session on February 1st. Frances spoke about how Accudemia is utilized for tutoring services, and how they see themselves using it in the upcoming semesters.


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The Benefits of Ditching Pencil and Paper

In this Accudemia User Spotlight segment, Marie Bernard of Southeastern Louisiana University talks about how her center’s operations have completely changed by the use of Accudemia. Jana was able to streamline her staff and make transitioning to the digital age a breeze.


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Tracking Remote Sessions

Like many colleges, Antelope Valley College faced an unprecedented event in 2020 when they suddenly had to bring many classes and services online which had never been virtual before. Jana Walker premieres as our very first guest spotlight user, using Accudemia to meet their needs in the midst of a pandemic.


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