Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Time (and Paper) Saved with Marie Bernard of Southeastern Louisiana University

Time (and Paper) Saved with Marie Bernard of Southeastern Louisiana University


Marie Bernard manages the Tinsley Learning Center at Southeastern Louisiana University, a regional university with about 15,000 students. In this week’s Accudemia User Spotlight segment, Marie showed how her center’s operations have been completely changed by the use of Accudemia. You can watch Marie’s full presentation here, or read on for a summary.

Benefits of Ditching Pencil and Paper
When Marie took over the position a couple of months back, things looked very different. Most tracking was done either with paper and pencil or with another software that students and staff found difficult to use. The center employed 5 graduate assistants to help with operations.

Enter Accudemia in the fall of 2020. After just a couple of semesters of use, Marie reports that she has been able to reduce the number of GA’s on her payroll, freeing up those funds for other uses. Paperwork has all but been eliminated, and tracking is now a seamless process.

More Time = Better Services
What Marie loves the most about Accudemia, though, is that “it’s freed us up to improve our services.” We have heard so often from current and prospective users that they want to implement Accudemia or implement more of its features, but they lack the time because they are just so busy with other tasks. Marie’s center truly exemplifies that when you’re able to devote a little bit of time to set up your account (with the help of our excellent support team!), it will save you MUCH more time in the long run, allowing you to eliminate many of the tasks which were holding you back in the first place, streamline or improve your existing services, and even implement new ones.

The first improvement Marie discussed was a professional badging program for student workers. With this program, workers can earn badges based on the 8 NACE Competencies. In Accudemia, Marie has set up Tutoring Assessment forms that tutors can fill out to show how they incorporated the competencies into their tutoring sessions to earn their badges. The GA’s can also leave feedback for the tutor using the Session Notes feature. 

The Tinsley Learning Center also makes great use of Accudemia surveys. Whenever a student signs into a kiosk for the first time in a semester, they must complete a survey that outlines the policies and procedures of the center and checks that the student agrees to those policies and will abide by the expectations of their conduct. The survey feature has also allowed them to get feedback from students on how they feel about Accudemia, which has been overwhelmingly positive!

Thank you to Marie for sharing the Tinsley Learning Center’s experience with Accudemia. If you want to learn more about how the center has benefited from the use of this software, watch Marie’s full presentation here. The Accudemia Weekly Session features a new user every week to highlight the different ways Accudemia can be utilized, so be sure to join us next week!

Join us next time!
Engineerica Systems is pleased to present our Accudemia User Spotlight segment recap for 1/25/2022. Held Tuesdays at 1 pm EST (weekly during the academic year, and monthly during the summer), Accudemia clients can join a session to learn about a quick, useful topic from one of our Support Specialists.  We hope that these examples help you to ponder how you might utilize Accudemia and other innovations in your own center. Check the page about our Monthly Accudemia Session to find out more about our next session and for more ideas about helping our students achieve success!

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