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Unlock the full potential of your academic community with AccuCampus, the cloud-based platform that simplifies collaboration, streamlines services, and enhances student success.

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What is AccuCampus?

AccuCampus is an institution-wide system designed to enhance collaboration between academic services.

AccuCampus vs Accudemia

Unlike Accudemia, which focuses on academic center management, AccuCampus offers a comprehensive approach that engages staff, students, and faculty across various services.

This system provides features like class and event attendance tracking, material checkout, feedback on student resources, early alerts, and more.

AccuCampus is cloud-based, eliminating the need for software installation and offering easy setup and management. It allows for student referrals between centers, controls student access to services, builds private student profiles, sets up student-centered action plans, and advertises campus resources effectively.


Push the limits of what’s possible, discover new knowledge, and solve complex problems. 

Student Success & Engagement

Enhance student autonomy and engagement by providing them with tools to discover and utilize campus resources tailored to their unique needs, ensuring a personalized path to success.

Resource & Attendance Management

Leverage three decades of expertise in academic management to track student visits, manage institutional resources efficiently, and monitor class attendance with cutting-edge technology.

Data Privacy & Security Done Right

Prioritize the confidentiality of student data, offering institutions the ability to define privacy settings that protect sensitive information while facilitating necessary data sharing. Everything done right!

Feedback & Event Insights

Gather valuable feedback on services and track event attendance to refine student experiences and offer programs that resonate with and enrich the campus community.


Optimize the use of campus resources and streamline institutional workflows with automated tools, ensuring that every action is aligned with enhancing student success.


Keep students and staff connected and engaged through a notification center and a mobile app, making access to campus services and communication seamless.

Excellence Since 1994

Celebrating over three decades of innovation, dedication, and success in advancing academic and event management solutions.

A Partnership for Success

Engineerica’s commitment to quality extends beyond our products. Our comprehensive support services and integrations ensure our clients achieve their goals with ease.

Empowering Education

Since 1994, Engineerica has been at the forefront of developing advanced academic center management systems to enhance student success.

Turn Events into Experiences

We redefined event management, offering seamless integration of attendance tracking and lead retrieval to ensure every event is a success.

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