Engineerica Conferences and Events Conference Tracker Case Study: Texas Emergency Management Conference

Conference Tracker Case Study: Texas Emergency Management Conference

  • Name: Texas Emergency Management Conference
  • Location: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. San Antonio, Texas

Primary Objective:

“Rent Information Technology Hardware and Software components for Conference Attendance Tracking. The attendance tracking system components shall perform the following:
1. Keep track of who and how many people attend each workshops session; and
2. Allow attendees to go to a website and download certificates of class attendance.

Deliverables shall include but not be limited to attendance tracking software, hand held scanners,; badge printers, printing of badges, badge holders, website from which certificates may be printed.”

Other Requirements:

  • attendance tracking functions to include receiving and processing data from laptop keyboards and barcode or quick response (QR) scanners/readers
  • store and maintain roster of registered conference attendees
  • generate barcodes for printing on badges (barcodes generated must represent data for scanning or reading by hand-held scanner that identifies the name of the individual to whom the badge is issued)
  • generate attendee badges
  • process/sort barcode data scanned/read from barcodes on registered attendees’ badges to be preloaded on training certificates
  • produce reports of workshop attendees and attendee numbers
  • allow conference participants to track their workshop attendance and print certificates on their own.
  • allow for design of certificates with signature to be uploaded
  • allow for badge holder’s name to be placed on the printed workshop certificate as it appears on the printed badge and on a spot on the certificate designated for it on the uploaded certificate design
  • interface with a website (vendor provided)

The Solution

Conference Tracker was selected because of its capabilities:

  1. Stores and maintain roster of registered conference attendees. Roster can be imported from a CSV file, or it can be manually entered.
  2. Generates QR barcode on the conference badge.
  3. Allows the design of the conference badge and will print out badges on badge paper (e.g. Avery 5392) using regular laser or inkjet printer.
  4. Processes barcode data scanned from attendees’ badges to be preloaded on training certificates.
  5. Produces reports of workshop attendees and attendee numbers. Reports can be exported out to Excel or CSV file.
  6. Allows conference participants to track their workshop attendance and print certificates on their own. Customized certificate is delivered as PDF file that attendees can print out on regular inkjet or laser printer.
  7. Allows the design of certificates with signature image to be uploaded and added to the certificate.
  8. Allows for the badge holder’s name to be placed on printed workshop certificate (you can also add attendance credits based on workshop attendance if you like). Certificates can be generated and emailed to each attendee if you like.
  9. Interfaces with vendor provided website. Conference Tracker website is hosted on the Amazon cloud
  10. Offers an option for the lease of scanning equipment (Apple iPod touch devices).

How It Went

The timeline for this project was very compressed. The RFP went out on February 19 (less than 5 weeks before conference start date) and the order to use Conference Tracker was only sent on March 13 (12 days before conference). The Conference Tracker team jumped into action immediately by:

  1. Assisting in importing the conference data into Conference Tracker. This included the conference sessions and attendees.
  2. Assisting in the design of the Conference Badge and showing how to print out the badges.
  3. Assisting in the design of the Conference Certificate.
  4. Setting up the leased data collection devices (iPod touch). The devices were fully charged, the Conference Tracker app was downloaded on each, and finally the devices were synced with the server.
  5. Conducting training sessions to show how to use the Conference Tracker software and how to use the attendance recording devices.
  6. Sending end user guides on using the attendance recording devices.
  7. Supporting users before, during, and after the conference.
  8. Assisting in cleaning up the data after the conference.
  9. Assisting in exporting the attendance data and sending out the attendance certificates.

The Numbers

Here are the final numbers from this conference:

  1. Number of attendees: 2,623
  2. Number of conference sessions: 186
  3. Number of attendance tracking devices used: 22
  4. Number of sign-ins recorded: 7,611.
  5. Number of attendance hours tracked: 7,611

Lessons Learned:

The Conference Tracker system was implemented in a very short time period (12 days before the conference started). A lot needed to be done in this short time: getting trained on using the system, importing the 186 conference session and 2,623 attendees, designing the conference badge and certificate, printing the 2,623 badges, delivering the 22 attendance tracking devices, and training the operators on using the device. Somehow though it all worked out at the end. Lesson learned: Give yourself plenty of time to implement the system. Also make time for a practice run with the software to make sure that you are ready for using it at the conference.

Overall though everything went well and Conference Tracker delivered! Attendance was tracked and attendance certificates were sent out. In addition, the data will assist in ensuring topics presented in future workshops meet the needs of the attendees.

Conference Photos:

We would love to see photos of Conference Tracker in use (e.g. signing people in).

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