Engineerica Accudemia Data and Reporting with Accudemia

Data and Reporting with Accudemia

Choose from over 50 built-in reports

Accudemia includes over 50-built-in reports showcasing administrative data, center-specific data, and even class-based data.

Multiple formats and filters

Every report in Accudemia is available in popular formats including PDF, XLS, and CSV.  In addition, most can be configured and filtered by the center, staff members, students or group of students, service types or activities, courses, and timeframes.

Traffic Analysis

Accudemia includes a highly detailed traffic analysis report that incorporates graphs, the total raw number of center visitors and unique, traffic patterns by day and hour of the week, and breakdown by services or by course.

This report is functional to set operational hours, determine staffing needs, and report to administrators.

Address needs of student groups such as At-Risk, Probation, and Sports Teams

Accudemia includes the functionality to create student groups, use the groups to pull reports, or also use reports to create a group. The members of the group can be added manually or imported from a CSV file.

Save, schedule, and share reports

Accudemia includes the ability to name and save reports with pre-selected filters. It can also schedule these reports to be generated and emailed to administrators, staff, faculty, or all students on a select schedule or regular basis.



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