Accudemia's Top Features and Benefits

Top Features
  • Tracking of virtual sessions and appointments
  • Integration with Zoom and other platforms for online sessions
  • Outlook 365 or Google Calendar integration
  • Traffic analysis and attendance reports
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Multi-center scalability
  • Easy sign-in/out process using student IDs
  • Waiting-line management
  • Feedback collection via online surveys
  • Digital and easily accessible session notes/logs
  • Import/export integration with SIS and LMS
  • Token-based SSO compatibility
  • Student group tracking
Benefits for Administrators
  • Save time by automating manual processes
  • Generate powerful, flexible and professional-looking reports at a moment’s notice for initiatives and strategic plans
  • Manage staff schedules, hours, and assigned services all in one place
  • Save costs by not having to purchase expensive servers operating system licenses and database engines
  • Make center operational decisions based on traffic data and feedback
Benefits for Students
  • Make appointments online for available services
  • Receive email and/or text appointment confirmations and reminders
  • Experience reduced wait times with efficient sign-in/out processes
  • Become more involved through online feedback surveys
  • Track individual spot in line and receive alert when it’s your turn

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