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How Do You Use Reports?


We often hear from clients that the feature they’re most excited to use in Accudemia are the reports, and it’s no wonder! Reports are the culmination of all your center’s activity, and Accudemia makes it easy to pull the data you need and see your biggest impacts.

In this week’s Tech Talk session, after we showed off some of the new reports in Accudemia, our clients shared some of the reports they find most useful. If you’re also an Accudemia client, we hope this encourages you to play around with the available reports and see what the data tells you. If you’re not a current client, we hope this article both encourages you to see how you might tabulate data in your own center, and how much easier that process would be if you had Accudemia!

Attendance by Service
The Attendance by Service report came up several times in this week’s conversation. This report shows the attendance to your center for a given period, arranged by Service, so it’s very useful for showing the impact specific services have on your overall attendance. One client mentioned that since their center is funded by a grant, they schedule this report to automatically send to the grant coordinator. We know that while grants can make or break funding for your center, reporting to them once you have the funds can be a big source of stress. That’s why it’s great that the Reports Scheduler feature in Accudemia takes away some of that stress by automatically reporting on your data for you.

A couple of other clients mentioned they use the same report in their own centers, as a way to see how many students have used each service. Seeing data in this way can be especially important if you need to see the value and overall usage of any of your services, or if you need to know which services need the most coverage.

Tutor Hours
This report essentially acts as a timesheet for tutors who track their hours through Accudemia sign-in stations. Many centers rely on it for payroll, but other centers don’t need to use this report since their institution already has a timesheet process set up that they’d like staff to use.

But even at some of these schools, we hear from clients that they still have their tutors sign in and out of Accudemia, and then the managers generate the Tutor Hours report. Why? Because they find it to be an excellent way to verify that tutors were actually in the center during the hours they claim. After all, unlike a timesheet, which can be filled out from anywhere, a sign-in station functions as a time clock, since a tutor could only sign into it if they are physically in the center. It can also serve as a backup in case a tutor forgets to fill out their timesheet, or in case the timesheet system goes down or the information is somehow lost.

Enrollment by Course
One user had a great, simple use for the Enrollment by Course report. We’ve extolled the great uses of User Groups in Accudemia and how easy they are to make before. Some users like to make groups based on the enrollment for one or more courses, to make communication and pulling other reports easier. As you may know, Accudemia allows you to create a group based on the results of a report. This use pulls the report based on the courses they wish to group together, and selects the option, “Create Group” before pulling the report. And voila! They now have a group made up of all the students in the courses they’ve selected.

Attendance by Tutor
You may think you “know” which of your tutors are the most popular, but the actual data may surprise you! That’s why some of our attendees said they like to pull the Attendance by Tutor report, which gives definitive numbers as to which tutors are seeing the most students. This gives you valuable insight as to how your tutors’ time is being utilized and can be especially helpful if you’re trying to see which tutors may need extra support.

There are so many ways to use reports in Accudemia because there are so many reports! If you have a particular report you love or a unique way you like to use reports, please let us know in the comments! We hope to see you at the next Accudemia weekly session, where you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas and learn from other student support managers.

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