Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Helping At-Risk Students Succeed with Referrals (Southern University Shreveport Louisiana)

Helping At-Risk Students Succeed with Referrals (Southern University Shreveport Louisiana)


Southern University Shreveport Louisiana has been using Accudemia for only a couple of years, but in that time they’ve had enormous success with many of the system’s features. In a recent User Spotlight discussion, Willie Siglar came on to talk about the institution’s success and the impact that Accudemia has made on the center’s processes. Read on for an overview, or watch his full talk here.

Accudemia is used in the Center for Student Success, which provides advising for students, with a special emphasis on students who are deemed at risk by their intake system. They turned to Accudemia after realizing that their previous homegrown early alert system was not user-friendly enough for their faculty and other users. So Accudemia was chosen primarily for its Referral feature, which acts as a two-way communication system between faculty and the Center for Student Success. 

Once the Center receives the referral, it is assigned to a Success Coach, who reaches out to the student. The faculty member is alerted every time the student is contacted or there is an update to the Referral. They are also informed of any agreed-upon actions between the student and the Success Coach, and once an agreement has been made for the student to get back on track, the referral is closed out. Willie reports that faculty were very happy with the switch, and with the communications, they receive as a result.

Willie also highlighted his center’s use of Sign-in Stations and Appointments to track student visits, both in-person and virtually. Success Coaches manage their schedules easily with Appointments, which students are empowered to make themselves. After meeting with a student, Success Coaches use the Session Assessments to report on the results of the session, and Willie and other stakeholders can pull reports such as the Traffic Analysis report to analyze their traffic and report on which at-risk students have followed through with their alerts.

Thank you, Willie, for sharing your experience with Accudemia. You can view his full discussion here!

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