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Streamlined Services at Albany Technical College


Troycia Webb from Albany Technical College was our latest Accudemia User Spotlight guest at our Accudemia Monthly Session. She talked about the many benefits that the institution, its staff, and students receive from Accudemia’s use. Watch her full presentation here or read on for a summary!

Accudemia has been used for several years throughout the Albany Technical College campus, including at their Help Desk locations, the Academic Achievement Center which provides tutoring support, and Career Development Services. It’s also used at workshops and other events.

Troycia said there are several benefits the college receives from using Accudemia, including its ease of use in importing data and reporting on exactly the information that they need. Stakeholders receive timely reports on their students’ usage of various support services on campus. With imports, they can be assured that information in Accudemia is accurate and up-to-date. Advisors can easily enter notes on meetings with students to provide further information about sessions. 

Students and tutors find Accudemia to be very streamlined and easy to use. Students can sign into Accudemia to access the services they need without confusion, and tutors are able to see at a glance what locations are available for them to work in.

Accudemia also comes in handy for Institutional Planning, since they are able to see which resources are most heavily utilized and how they are being used. They look forward to seeing Accudemia be utilized more and more across campus for other resources and for virtual sessions as well.The flexibility of Accudemia will come in handy as Albany Technical College expands its usage in the coming semesters. We look forward to seeing the college scale up! Thank you again to Troycia for joining us, and again, you can watch her full presentation here.

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Engineerica Systems is pleased to present our Accudemia User Spotlight segment recap for 10/11/2022. Held Tuesdays at 1 pm EST (weekly during the academic year, and monthly during the summer), Accudemia clients can join a session to learn about a quick, useful topic from one of our Support Specialists.  We hope that these examples help you to ponder how you might utilize Accudemia and other innovations in your own center. Check the page about our Monthly Accudemia Session to find out more about our next session and for more ideas about helping our students achieve success!

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