Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Unified Tracking for Varied Needs at Monterey Peninsula College

Unified Tracking for Varied Needs at Monterey Peninsula College


Linda Hucks, Director of Tutoring and the Academic Success Center at Monterey Peninsula College joined our latest Accudemia Monthly Meeting as our User Spotlight guest to talk about how her center utilizes Accudemia. MPC has found great success using Accudemia at their learning centers, and they see a bright future ahead. Click here to watch Linda’s full talk, or read on for a summary!

Monterey Peninsula College has about 10,000 students and four learning centers, each with a unique and robust model for serving students. Two learning centers are drop-in only, and two offer both appointments and drop-in assistance. One aspect of Accudemia that appealed to MPC was the fact that each center would be able to configure its unique service offerings within the system without having to step on another center’s toes or compromise its procedures. This allowed them to meet their goal of having a unified system for tracking students because, before Accudemia, each center had to use a different platform for student sign-ins and usage tracking. Because of the success of Accudemia at the learning centers, the college is considering expanding Accudemia to other areas such as the Fitness Center.

With Accudemia, Linda and her team have been able to easily collect, view, and report on data throughout the semester. Real-time data allows them to understand what is happening in their centers and make decisions based on that data. They have also found it easier to collect qualitative feedback and data with tools like surveys, which can be configured to be sent automatically after a certain number of visits to the center.

Besides potentially expanding Accudemia into other centers, Linda sees more potential for the system’s future at MPC through the use of additional features, such as the Engagement Board, which they plan to use as a way to help students ask questions of tutors that don’t necessarily warrant a full meeting and visit to the centers.

Thank you so much to Linda for joining our monthly session. We encourage you to watch Linda’s full presentation here. If you are an Accudemia client and would like to share your experience during our User Spotlight, please reach out to Rachel Cook. If you are interested in learning how Accudemia can be used to complement and enhance your center’s offerings and track your center’s usage easily, contact us today!

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