Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Fresh Eyes Lead to More Streamlined Center Management at Friends University

Fresh Eyes Lead to More Streamlined Center Management at Friends University


Amy-Lash Esau, the Director of the Academic Resource Center at Friends University, joined our latest User Spotlight segment to talk about her experience with Accudemia. Friends University is a private university near Wichita, Kansas. The Academic Resource Center is a tutoring center that offers both appointments and drop-in assistance for students, offering assistance across various subjects. During her talk, Amy discussed how the center’s Accudemia account has evolved during her time at the university, and the benefits the center receives from both the program and Accudemia’s support team. Watch her full presentation here, or read on for a summary!

Amy joined Friends University about two years ago and was a new user of Accudemia. The program was already utilized at the Academic Resource Center before she came on board, and right away Amy noticed the configuration could be improved to make it easier for her staff and students to use. She had her staff work with our renowned Technical Support representatives to reconfigure Accudemia to provide more streamlined and accurate data, and the center can now pull useful reports that tell them much more information about how their resources are being utilized.

Another significant change came with the consolidation of one of their processes. Before Amy joined the ARC, appointments for the center’s services were made through a third-party appointment scheduler, because the staff was unaware that appointments could be handled through Accudemia. But luckily, by scheduling a discussion with our Client Success Manager, Amy learned of this capability. She worked with the support team to configure appointments in Accudemia. Now that they no longer need to use another system for managing the center’s appointments it has saved them about a thousand dollars a year. And this savings can now be used elsewhere in the center, which can go a long way at their smaller institution.

Amy and her team have also benefited from recent updates to Accudemia, such as the ability to edit scheduled reports. Updates to Accudemia are often based heavily on user feedback, and Improvements like this can make it easier to use Accudemia and help it work more synergistically with the center’s operations. 

Amy emphasized the excellent support she has received from Accudemia and urged other Accudemia users not to hesitate to contact the support team if they ever have any questions or need anything. We strive to make sure our users are aware of everything Accudemia has to offer, but if you’re ever unsure, we echo Amy’s sentiment that you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out! You may be surprised at how we can save you time and money, whether or not you’re an existing client. 

Thank you to Amy for joining us for this month’s User Spotlight. We’re so happy that our team has been able to help make Accudemia work better for your center. Again, Amy’s full talk can be found here.

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