Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Tracking Virtual Meetings and Referrals at Golden West College

Tracking Virtual Meetings and Referrals at Golden West College


Christina Oja and Dani Godinez from Golden West College joined our latest Accudemia Monthly Session as our User Spotlight guests to talk about their recent implementation of Accudemia at their center, and how its usage has grown in that time. We’re highlighting the main points in this article, but you can watch their full discussion here.

Accudemia is used at the Student Computer Center to track virtual and in-person use of their services, which include tutoring and general computer use. When students want to meet with tutors, they log into Accudemia and find the tutor’s Zoom link directly in the system, allowing Accudemia to easily track usage of the Zoom accounts. Some tutors may meet with students in locations other than the main center, and since Accudemia is cloud-based, they can easily set up a sign-in station or connect to their Zoom session from wherever they are. The center has between 55-60 tutors at any time, so Accudemia allows them to easily handle a wide variety of schedules and availability!

The center also makes use of Accudemia’s Referral feature. Any faculty or department can refer students to the center to ask the center to meet with a student. This helps improve usage of their services and better keep track of students who are referred to their area, along with improving a student’s overall chances of success.

Reports are also important for both students and the center. Some students may need reports to show they completed required hours or for extra credit. The center itself uses reports to generate data to see how tutoring is impacting students. By comparing data for students who received tutoring with data for students who did not, they hope to show a student has an increased chance of success when they receive tutoring services.

Thank you to Christina and Dani for joining us! If you’d like to see their full presentation, you can watch it here.

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Engineerica Systems is pleased to present our Accudemia User Spotlight segment recap for 12/13/2022. Held Tuesdays at 1 pm EST (weekly during the academic year, and monthly during the summer), Accudemia clients can join a session to learn about a quick, useful topic from one of our Support Specialists.  We hope that these examples help you to ponder how you might utilize Accudemia and other innovations in your own center. Check the page about our Monthly Accudemia Session to find out more about our next session and for more ideas about helping our students achieve success!

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