Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Ease of Use Supports a Unique Setup at Drexel University

Ease of Use Supports a Unique Setup at Drexel University


Ilene Marker, Director of Student Services for the College of Engineering at Drexel University, recently joined our User Spotlight segment of our Accudemia Session to talk about how Accudemia data is used to make decisions at the college’s peer tutoring center, also known as ACE. She was joined by Eric Phanthavong, a second year undergraduate student and the ACE Coordinator. We highly recommend watching their full presentation here, but you can read on to learn some highlights!

As you might guess, it’s unusual to see a student coordinate a peer tutoring program. The ACE Coordinator position is a full time job for a student at Drexel who is also taking a full course load, that each coordinator will perform in for only six months. Eric emphasized that Accudemia’s ease-of-use is critical to the success of his position, because it makes it easy to settle into the role quickly.

This previous academic year has given ACE its highest numbers in the history of its operations, making data more important than ever in helping them make decisions about their staffing and offerings. Rather than pulling data from reports, the ACE has chosen to export data directly from screens such as the Appointments list. This provides a file with raw, but important data, which they then condense into the information that they need, such as whether sessions are in person or remote. They are looking into reports that may provide useful information for their decisions, but they have found this method works very well for them right now.

Among the decisions they can make with this data, they are able to know when to use their staffing budget to keep the center fully staffed, and when they can cut back, as well as when to provide in-person vs. remote services, and what courses will need the most support.

Thank you to Ilene and Eric for joining our User Spotlight segment. Please join us for our next Accudemia meeting to learn more about how other clients leverage Accudemia to make their center management more effective!

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