Engineerica Academic Centers Blog Tracking Decentralized Tutoring (with Geneva College)

Tracking Decentralized Tutoring (with Geneva College)


Tom Pyle from Geneva College sat down with us recently to discuss the usage of Accudemia at his institution. His office has greatly expanded the use of Accudemia to make their center management easier, in a location that operates a little differently from most tutoring services. Watch his full talk here, or read on for a summer.

Tom oversees the Academic Support Office, which switched to Accudemia a few years ago after using a homegrown system. They used the homegrown system and Accudemia as what Tom referred to as a tutor matching system, where tutors would manually be paired with students who requested assistance. 

The office does not have a centralized tutoring center, so tutors might meet with students at any location on campus, making synchronous tracking of these meetings difficult. Additionally, students would generally work with the same tutor throughout the semester for their class, and so this provided a way for the tutors’ loads to be balanced and for the students and tutors to establish a rapport and communication schedule. For these reasons, Tom was more interested in using Accudemia as a database to keep track of which students were assigned to which tutors and to match new students to a tutor. They find Accudemia useful for this because it can automatically send emails when a student has been paired with a tutor to both parties, enabling them to begin communication. This process begins when students make an appointment in Accudemia, which functions as a request, and Tom then looks at the student’s availability and needs and finds a tutor to match them with.

Recently, however, Tom decided to look further into the capabilities of Accudemia, and whether it could make management of his center easier and provide more useful data. For example, until recently, the tracking of information in Accudemia ended when the student and tutor were paired. Sessions were tracked through the institution’s paycheck system, which did not provide data on who the tutor worked with or what occurred. Now tutors log their sessions in Accudemia, which provides a much more coherent picture of the office’s activities. They’re finally able to see information like which times and days are most popular, and which courses have the most sessions. This will also make it easier to use other features in Accudemia like the Surveys because they now have a record of which students are working with which tutors.

Tom’s final note to any Accudemia users or prospective users: Don’t be afraid to check with your Engineerica contact about how Accudemia can help you! Even if you believe you only need it for a narrow purpose, its capabilities may surprise you and most features are included in your subscription price. Tom found he was able to move many processes that had previously been housed in several other programs and systems into Accudemia, making it a one-stop-shop for all of his center management needs.

Again, you can watch Tom’s full presentation here. Thank you for joining us!

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