Conference Tracker Sample Pricing

As explained in the previous section, the fee for using Conference Tracker depends on the size of the conference and whether optional services are used.  Below is an example to give you an idea of our pricing.  Contact us for a complimentary price quote for your particular conference.

Price Example: Small Conference with Scanners

This example covers most small conferences with up to 300 attendees.  With this you will get everything Conference Tracker offers including:

  • Tracking of up to 300 attendees.
  • Lease of 5 portable scanners (iPod touches) for up to 10 days. These devices are pre-loaded with the conference tracker app.
  • A Conference Tracker online account is active from receiving your order up to 30 days after the conference.
  • Import Utility: Load your conference data (attendees and sessions) manually or via import.
  • Online Registrations: Allow attendees to register online and pay the fees via your PayPal account.
  • Badge Designer: Create a custom badge for attendees and print the badges on your printer using regular white or color paper or using badge paper.
  • Conference Check-in: Check attendees in and track their giveaways.
  • Session Tracking: Track attendance at each conference session.  You can either sign them in only or sign them in and out.
  • Communication Center: Email attendees before, during, and after the conference while your account is active.
  • Conference Analytics: See attendance to your top 50 sessions and more.
  • Reports: View attendance reports online. Save, email, or print the reports.
  • Certificate Designer: Create custom attendance certificates for your conference.  Print them out or have the system email them to attendees.
  • Support: Get technical support via phone, email, and online - during normal business hours.

The fee for the above turnkey package is $ 2,495

Equipment Deposit:

A refundable equipment deposit is required for all equipment leases. The deposit will be credited back to you once the equipment is returned in the same condition as when it was shipped.

Lead Time

A one-month or longer notice is recommended. Shorter notices might be workable depending on what you need. In the past we have successfully helped clients with as short as one week's notice, so a shorter timeline is possible if you are able to move quickly.  Please contact us as soon as possible for a complimentary consultation including a recommendation on the timeline.