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Tradeshows and Expos with Conference Tracker

Equip your exhibitors with a unique platform for their businesses where they can increase brand success through engagement, meaningful interactions, and showcase company value to the audience. Creating brand awareness amongst a diverse audience and targeting specific markets is of great value to your partners. With Conference Tracker utilities, they will be able to begin and maintain connections, thrive off of business leads generated at the event, and continue to build a network by forming new relationships and deeper connections… ultimately opening channels for more sales leads.

  • Overall benefits:
    • Your exhibition can provide vendors a forum for promoting products or services to a broader group that may have little or no knowledge of those specific products and services.
    • You can provide opportunities to businesses for branching out in business-to-business trading and creating customer databases from capturing booth visitor information which can be converted to potential leads.
    • At your event, exhibitors may have the opportunity to interact with attendees, inform them of their company, its offers, and its value in a more relaxed and personal atmosphere.
    • Your expo can create access to hundreds of attendees (potential powerful leads) that would otherwise be difficult and time-consuming for your audience to obtain through sales calls or email lists.
    • Exhibiting at your event might mean an opportunity to meet with current and past customers, further strengthening relationships and encouraging future purchases.
    • Your tradeshow will afford participating businesses the tools necessary to increase your sales while also increasing your ROI, making the event worthwhile for all parties.

Conference Tracker minimizes the time spent collecting contact information and keeps valuable lead data that can be translated to potential sales

Optimize the lead generation tools

  • Transform anyone’s phone into a portable all-in-one lead retrieval system with the Conference Leads app. 
  • Give exhibitors the ability to create appointments directly with attendees to follow up on potential interest.
  • Provide exhibitors and sponsors a platform to live chat with attendees to build relationships and invite them to learn more.

Conference Tracker cultivates an interesting way for exhibitors and sponsors to capture audience attention and maintain engagement 

Capture the audience with content

  • Use the Virtual Exhibit Hall to allow your exhibitors an opportunity to reach a wider audience and showcase their products online.
  • Invite partners to design and upload captivating informational material to better promote their products.
  • Play informative videos featuring exhibitors and sponsors before a session to generate more exposure.
  • Sell pop-up advertisements to exhibitors for communicating their promotions to the audience.
  • Facilitate customizable profiles for exhibitors and sponsors so attendees have an opportunity to see their content.
  • Make it more fun and attractive for attendees to visit booths by offering exhibitors prize drawing options for raffles.

Conference Tracker actively tracks and develops useful reports on lead generation that can be used to generate revenue for the company

Keep track of attendee interest

  • Show exhibitors how they can access lead analytic reports and email them to themselves or other reps with a click of a button.
  • Empower your exhibitors’ lead qualification by providing them with Conference Tracker’s question generator included with the leads generation app.
  • Offer attendance reports to your sponsors that they can use to generate marketing campaigns for possible future sales.
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