Conference Badge Solution

Generate your conference badge in minutes with Conference Tracker.

Start by designing the badge using our easy-to-user badge designer. Pick from several templates and customize your favorite. Add selected attendee information like name, job title, company, city, and even your own custom fields. Finish by adding the conference logo.

The next step is to print out your beautiful badge. You can do this using readily available badge paper and your office printer, or you can use one of the supported specialized one-off badge printers.  This includes the very economical Dymo badge printer to color badge printer / photo printer.  You can print all the badges, new badges, certain group of attendee badges, or a certain user's badge.  The latter is perfect for replacing a lost badge.

Not only can you generate your attendee badges, but with Conference tracker you can generate:

  • Attendee Badge
  • Presenter Badge
  • Exhibitor Badge
  • Staff Badge
  • etc.

You can use different designs or colors per type of badge to distinguish it from other badges.

Conference Badge Sample

Even more amazing: Conference tracker can email your badge to each attendee prior to the conference.  Have the attendees print the badges at home to save on check-in time, or send them a draft so they can correct any spelling errors ahead of time.  The system will automatically deliver the badges to each person at a click of a button.

Another option: Conference Tracker will also allow you to set up a self-check-in station for attendees so they can print their own badges.  This will speed up the check-in process for the attendees and will free up your staff for other tasks.

For a complimentary demo of Conference Tracker, click here.