Engineerica Conference Tracker – Event Management Software CT – Frequently Asked Questions

CT – Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-order FAQ

How does this system work?

Conference Tracker consists of two parts: the attendance tracking device, which is an Apple iPod touch, iPad, iPhone or Android device running the Conference Tracker app, and the web-based Conference Tracker software. The former is used to collect the attendance data, while the latter is used to set up the system and to generate the attendance reports.

How is the attendance data transferred from the device to the web-based application?

The attendance data is transferred from the Apple or Android device to the server via the Internet either via a standard Wi-Fi connection or via a 4G if you have a device with 4G enabled.

What if I do not have an Internet Connection at the conference site?

The system can still work without an Internet connection at the conference site.  The Apple and Android devices can collect attendance data without the need for the Internet. All you need is to use an Internet connection before the conference to set up your devices (i.e. download conference data to them) and after the conference to transfer the attendance data to the server.

Note that while the system will work without the Internet connection at the conference site, having such connection will be helpful as it enables syncing the devices during the conference.  This is specially useful if you allow walk-in registration as it will enable the devices to get the latest attendees’ data.

Can I use my own iPod touch / iPhone / iPad / Android devices?

Absolutely! You may use your own Apple devices or Anroid devices to collect the attendance data. You will need to download the conference attendance app, which is available for free via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Which version of the Apple or Android devices is supported?

While the Conference Tracker app works on Apple devices with iOS 10 or higher and Android devices with version 6.0 or higher. While it is possible for Conference Tracker to work on older devices, we recommend that you use the latest devices because these tend to have better cameras, which would make the badge scanning process easier.

How do I generate the conference badges?

Conference Tracker will allow you to design and print out your badges.  All you need is standard 4*3 badge paper, which you can get at your local office store – ask us for model #.  A regular laser printer can be used to print out your badges.

How much does it cost?

The fee for this service starts at $1,490 for basic 30-day Conference Tracker account.  This account can be used for tracking up to 300 attendees.  Contact us with your needs for a complimentary price quote.

Conference Tracker App FAQ

What does the Conference Tracker App do?

The app converts your Apple device (iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone) or Android device into a portable device for recording your conference attendance. After downloading your conference attendance data from the Conference Tracker server, the app will allow you to track attendance by simply scanning attendees’ badges. The app will send the attendance data back to the server so you can view attendance reports online.

Where do I get the app?

The app is available via the Apple App store and Google Play Store. Search for “Conference Tracker” to find it.

Where do I set up the app?

Simply enter your Conference Tracker’s account info and authorize the device.

How do I scan badges?

The Conference Tracker app will use your device camera to read the barcode on the conference badges.  This is an easy and quick process.

Conference Tracker Software FAQ

Where is the Conference Tracker software hosted?

The software is hosted on the Amazon cloud and is offered as a service. You do not need to buy new computers or servers and there is no need to install software and databases on your computers. All you need is a web-browser.

How do I access Conference Tracker?

Simply visit and sign in with your account’s ID and Password. Contact us to get your online account.

How do I load my conference data into Conference Tracker?

You can use the built-in import utility to load your attendees and the conference sessions schedule into the system. You can also enter or edit this data manually. A third option is to use Conference Tracker for conference registration, which will allow attendees to enter their data via the web.

Post Conference FAQ

How do I generate attendance reports?

Simply log in to your Conference Tracker account and use the Reports menu to view your reports. You can save any report as PDF document on your computer for future reference.

How long do you keep our conference data?

The data will be preserved as long as your account is active. After the account expires, the data will be deleted.

How do we return your equipment?

If you lease the Apple devices from us, please pack the them and return in the same box and packaging used to ship them to you and ship them back to our office.

How can our attendees get their attendance certificates?

There are a couple of options:

  1. You can print out the certificates and distribute them,
  2. You can have Conference Tracker email the attendance certificates in the form of PDF attachment for the attendees to print out.
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