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Troubleshooting Sign-in Issues


Following last week’s session on troubleshooting common appointment roadblocks in Accudemia, in this week’s Tech Talk, Support Specialist Nick Armstrong covered troubleshooting for sign-in issues. While the vast majority of students who sign into Accudemia every day can do so with no problems, there are a few things that they might run into.

The types of things you’ll need to know depend on the sign-in method students are using. If one or more of your students is having trouble signing in, start with their sign-in method, and get the answers to the questions listed before contacting Support. This will enable us to find your solution much easier!

Walk-ins/Drop-ins at the Kiosk

Whatever you call it, we’re just talking about in-person visits where students don’t have appointments. Here are the basic questions you should askAccudemia Sign-in Station yourself, in order, to troubleshoot issues with sign-in at the kiosk.

  1. Has the computer been made into a sign-in station/kiosk? Make sure the student is attempting to sign in at a designated kiosk computer, or that the kiosk hasn’t been turned off. It usually can’t be, but it doesn’t hurt to check in case another staff member turned it off accidentally! You should also double-check that all of the right staff members have the ability to create and turn off sign-in stations.
  2. Can other students sign in? If the sign-in station is set up but only one student so far is unable to sign in, check to see if other students can sign in or not. We recommend creating a fake “test student” with an unused ID number to test in these situations so that you don’t have to recruit students for testing. This will tell you if the issue is with the individual student, or with the account as a whole.
    If just one student is having difficulty, double check that their information is correctly entered into Accudemia, and that they are correctly listed as an active student. If all students are unable to sign in, check that you have an active semester before contacting Support.
  3. What selection step are they getting stuck at while signing in? The answer will allow you to troubleshoot easier and may enable you to find the issue on your own. Walk your test student or the student with difficulties carefully through the sign-in process and see how far they are able to get. If they aren’t able to get past entering their ID number, check that their ID number is correct. If they aren’t able to select a course, make sure they are taking at least one course that your location can assist with. If they aren’t able to select a service or tutor, check to see if there are any restrictions on your location’s services or tutors which may be holding them up. If you aren’t sure exactly why they are hitting a roadblock at a particular spot, go to the Walk-ins section in the Control Panel or the Tutor Schedules to make sure everything is set up properly.

Making an appointment in AccudemiaIn-Person Appointment Sign-ins

If the student is trying to sign into a kiosk and they claim they have an in-person appointment, usually the system will be set up to sign them in by just entering their ID number. If they encounter any difficulties, go through the following questions.


  1. Are the tutors assigned to only work with certain students? If your center uses restrictions, it’s quite possible the student doesn’t realize they couldn’t make an appointment with certain tutors and are either mistaken about the tutor they should be working with or thought the appointment was made when it never went through.
  2. What is the tutor’s availability? Check to make sure that the tutor was available during the time the student believes they have an appointment. It’s possible the appointment is for a different time, or, again, that the appointment did not go through.
  3. What selection step are they getting stuck at? Again, most centers configure their settings so that students with appointments are not asked to enter their appointment data again upon sign-in. But if this has not been configured, or if the student is too late or early for their appointment, they may be getting stuck at a certain point in the sign-in process, in which case you would ask the same questions as you would for a normal walk-in troubleshooting.

In part 2, we go over how to troubleshoot virtual and iAccu sign-ins. Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to seeing you at the next Accudemia Weekly Session!

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