Engineerica Product Tutorials New Features – Tutor Bios and Virtual Drop-in Times and Exceptions

New Features – Tutor Bios and Virtual Drop-in Times and Exceptions


One of our favorite things to highlight during our Accudemia weekly sessions is new features for Accudemia. Our developers are constantly working to improve the system and make it as useful as possible for all of our users. In this week’s session, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez went over several new features in Accudemia.

Virtual Session Drop-in Times and Exceptions
Since many Accudemia users now offer virtual walk-ins as a long-term solution, they’re starting to adjust the ways they offer this service. Many of them have chosen to offer drop-in virtual sessions only during certain times of the day and/or some days of the week, and Accudemia now supports this functionality. By going to Center Attendance > Virtual Sign-ins from the main menu, managers can now set both the designated drop-in times every week, and they can also use the Virtual-Walk-in Links exceptions to configure if the center will be opened/closed during specific dates and times. This will mean that for centers that offer drop-in virtual sessions, students will not be able to join sessions during times when drop-in hours are “closed.”  Remember that when you specific Virtual Link exception rule this one will have precedence over any Virtual-Link drop-in times rules you have set.

The drop-in hours page is where you will designate your normal operating hours for virtual drop-in availability, and the exceptions page is where you will designate any exceptions to those hours, such as holidays or other closures, or extended hours for finals week.

Tutor Bios
This was by far the new feature our attendees this week were most excited about. We know that when it comes to scheduling appointments, students sometimes have a hard time choosing which tutor or support staff member is right for them, so we’ve added the ability to include tutor bios. While making appointments, students can read tutor bios by clicking on the “Bio” icon that appears next to their name.

Bios can include any details you’d like such as qualifications and tutoring experience and can be set by the manager, or by the tutors themselves given the right permissions. To add a bio, navigate to the tutor’s user profile under Administration > User Accounts and click on the tab that says “Tutor Bio.”

Default Protocol for Virtual Links
This was a minor update, but your IT department may be very happy about it. The default protocol for virtual links is now the more secure “https,” rather than “http” as it was before.

Subject Areas for Appointments
This update will only apply to a small portion of centers, but for them this could be a welcome change! Previously, if a student was making an appointment, only a few subject areas would appear. This wasn’t usually an issue if the center had student enrollment set up, but if it didn’t use this functionality, the student would not necessarily see the correct subject area needed for their appointment. With this update, if enrollment is not set up, the student will be able to view up to 500 subject areas on the screen and there is also a Search-function available as needed to locate the Subject Area faster.

Services in Session Logs
Previously, when editing or creating a Session Log, the manager or staff member would see ALL services from all centers listed in that Accudemia account. Now, the system will only list the services designated for the specified location, making the management of Session Logs easier than ever and preventing errors.

As a reminder, if you are an Accudemia user, you can always view the latest updates by clicking “Help” on the top menu, and then selecting “About Accudemia” and “View Change Log.” We hope that this post has helped demonstrate the new features and updates, and we hope to see you in the next Accudemia monthly session!

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