Engineerica Product Updates The Latest Features in Accudemia: Virtual Drop-in Times, Tutor Bios for Appointments, & the New Reports

The Latest Features in Accudemia: Virtual Drop-in Times, Tutor Bios for Appointments, & the New Reports

The Engineerica team is excited to announce several new features now available to Accudemia. Some of these features include the Virtual Walk-In links that can be set to specific working hours.  Next, tutors now have “Bios” that offer students better choices for their needs.  In addition, we have added a whopping 10 new Report types to the system.


Virtual Drop-in Hours

Virtual Walk-In links can now be set to specific working hours by utilizing the new “Drop-In Times” and “Drop-In Exceptions” features. If students try to use a virtual link to meet with staff when they are not available, Accudemia will automatically stop them from doing so.

To set Drop-In Times:

  1.     Navigate to Center Attendance > Virtual Sign-In > Drop-In Times from the main menu.
  2.     Click the + New Drop-In Time button to begin creating a new schedule for the Center.
  3.     Select the Day of the Week, Start Time, and End Time, and then click Save Changes to complete.

Just because Virtual Walk-Ins are open on Wednesday mornings does not mean they will be if there is a holiday. Similarly, the Virtual Walk-Ins may not usually be open on Thursdays, but there may be special occasions to open that day. That is the purpose of creating Drop-In Exceptions.

To set Drop-In Exceptions:

  1.     Navigate to Center Attendance > Virtual Sign-In > Drop-In Exceptions section from the main menu.
  2.     Click the + New Drop-In Exception button to begin creating the exception.
  3.     Select the start date/time, end date/time, and save by clicking the Save Changes button.


Tutor Bios

This is a new tool administrators can take advantage of to give students a more informed choice when selecting their tutor. Tutor Bios is a great place to provide students with tutors’ general experience, subjects they excel at, a list of hobbies other students relate to, or anything else that would be useful to know. When scheduling an appointment, all students have to do is click the new Bio button beside a tutor’s name.

Then they will see this pop-up on the screen before selecting a timeslot.

To create a tutor Bio:

  1.     Navigate to the tutor’s account under “User Accounts.”
  2.     Click the new “Tutor Bio” tab on their profile and begin writing.
  3.     Click the Save Changes button when done.



New Reports

Accudemia now has seven additional General Report types, and three new Center Attendance Reports.

General Reports

  1.     Periodic Surveys Results
  2.     Survey Completions
  3.     System Users Permissions
  4.     User Roles and Permissions
  5.     Permissions by Role Templates
  6.     Staff with Connect Links
  7.     External Calendar Integration Status

These new General Reports can gather survey replies as well as who completed them, lay out the roles and permissions across all users, list the permissions given to custom role templates, list all connect links attached to staff member profiles, and reveal all calendars attached to the college’s account.

Center Attendance Reports

  1.     Attendance Summary Comparison
  2.     Tutor Hours with Tasks
  3.     Tutor Hours Summary with Tasks

The new Center Attendance Reports have an emphasis on tutor data and student time usage. They can track the amount of time spent on everything, from courses, centers, services, and more. They can also reveal how long tutors spent with students, as well as the time they spent working on selected tasks.


If you have any questions about Accudemia’s new features, please contact us.


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