Engineerica Conferences and Events Top 10 Best Event Ticketing Software & Systems

Top 10 Best Event Ticketing Software & Systems

Event Ticketing Software

Organizing and managing events, whether they’re concerts, conferences, or fundraisers, can be a complex task that involves numerous moving parts. From securing the perfect venue and organizing engaging content to marketing the event effectively, there’s a lot to consider. However, one critical aspect that often makes or breaks the success of an event is the efficient sale and management of tickets. This is where event ticketing software steps in, playing a vital role in streamlining the entire ticketing process and making life easier for event organizers and attendees alike.

What is Event Ticketing Software?

Event ticketing software is a specialized digital tool that streamlines the sale, distribution, and management of tickets for various events. It enables event organizers to create and list events, set ticket prices, and offer different ticket types. Additionally, it provides attendees with a convenient online platform to purchase tickets, access event information, and often includes features for event promotion, seating management, and payment processing.

How does Event Ticketing Software Work?

Event ticketing software works by allowing event organizers to create and publish events online, specifying ticket details such as pricing, types, and seating arrangements. Attendees can then access these events through a website or mobile app, select their desired tickets, and complete the purchase transaction, often using secure payment gateways. The software generates electronic tickets with unique identifiers (e.g., barcodes or QR codes), which are scanned and validated at the event entrance to grant attendees access to the event.

Benefits of Event Ticketing Software

  • Automated Ticket Sales

Sell tickets directly through your customized event page rather than manually. Process orders and payments seamlessly.

  • Dynamic Pricing and Promotions

Implement early bird pricing, tiered pricing, discounts, and other promotional offers to boost sales.

  • Robust Reporting and Analytics

Gain real-time insight into ticket sales, revenue, attendee demographics, and more through detailed reports and dashboards.

  • Attendee Management

Track ticket holders, manage waitlists, check attendees in on event day, and more through one system.

  • Customizable Event Pages

Tailor event pages with branding, venue maps, schedules, and other details attendees need.

  • Secure Payment Processing

Provide attendees with a seamless checkout experience and safely process payments.

  • Multi-Channel Ticket Distribution

Sell tickets through your website, social media, box office, and other channels.

  • Customer Support

Support attendees before, during, and after the event with tools like self-service portal.

By leveraging these features and more, event organizers can save significant time and resources spent on manual processes. Event ticketing software becomes the central hub for all ticketing tasks, providing enhanced efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Event Ticketing Software?

To choose the best event ticketing software, consider your specific event needs and objectives, evaluate features such as ticket pricing options, seating management, and payment processing. Assess the software’s user-friendliness for both event organizers and attendees. Additionally, examine pricing structures, including transaction fees, to ensure they align with your budget and ticket pricing.

Exploring the Top 10 Event Ticketing Software Solutions

The event ticketing software market provides diverse options to meet various needs and budgets. Here’s an overview of 10 leading solutions:

1. Conference Tracker

Conference Tracker offers an intuitive ticketing and registration system that allows for quick setup, easy customization of ticket types, and a smooth ticket purchasing process for attendees and exhibitors. Conference Tracker is more than just an event ticketing software; it’s a comprehensive event management solution designed to revolutionize the way conferences are organized and experienced. Here’s why Conference Tracker tops the list as best event ticketing software:

  • Effortless Ticketing and Registration: With Conference Tracker, event organizers can effortlessly create and manage events of all sizes. Its intuitive ticketing and registration system allows for quick setup, easy customization of ticket types, and a smooth ticket purchasing process for attendees.
  • Seamless Attendee Experience: Conference Tracker offers attendees a seamless and user-friendly experience. From browsing event details and purchasing tickets online to receiving real-time updates and notifications, attendees stay engaged and informed every step of the way.
  • Interactive Event Features: The software goes beyond ticketing to provide interactive features such as detailed event schedules, speaker profiles, and session descriptions. Attendees can plan their conference experience with ease, ensuring they don’t miss out on important sessions or networking opportunities.
  • Networking and Engagement: The platform includes built-in networking features, enabling attendees to connect with speakers, sponsors, and fellow attendees. Interactive Q&A sessions and live feedback mechanisms enhance attendee engagement and interaction.
  • Multi-Platform Access: Conference Tracker is accessible across various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, ensuring that attendees can access event information and tickets on their preferred platforms.
  • Customization and Branding: Conference Tracker allows event organizers to customize event pages, branding, and ticket designs, ensuring that the platform aligns with the event’s theme and branding guidelines.
  • Customer Support: A dedicated customer support team is readily available to assist event organizers and attendees, providing guidance and assistance throughout the event planning and attendance process.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Despite offering a feature-rich experience, Conference Tracker remains cost-effective, making it accessible to a wide range of event organizers, from small-scale conferences to large-scale conventions.

event management software

2. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is a household name in event ticketing. Its user-friendly platform caters to events of all sizes, offering customizable event pages, secure payment processing, and robust reporting tools. Whether you’re organizing a small seminar or a massive music festival, Eventbrite has you covered.

Explore Eventbrite

3. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster is synonymous with ticketing. This powerful platform provides comprehensive solutions, including real-time seating charts, mobile ticketing, and a suite of marketing tools. It’s the go-to choice for large-scale events and venues.

Explore Ticketmaster

4. Eventzilla

Eventzilla is a versatile and cost-effective event ticketing software that gives organizers the flexibility to create, promote, and manage events of all types and sizes. Its user-friendly interface and customizable registration forms make it a top choice.

Explore Eventzilla

5. Brown Paper Tickets

If you’re socially conscious and want a straightforward ticketing solution, Brown Paper Tickets is an excellent option. With competitive pricing, mobile ticketing, and various customization features, it’s perfect for small to medium-sized events.

Explore Brown Paper Tickets

6. TicketLeap

Known for its user-friendly platform, mobile-responsive ticketing pages, and social media integration, TicketLeap offers event analytics, discount code management, and attendee tracking, making it suitable for events of all sizes.

Explore TicketLeap

7. Event Smart

Event Smart provides a powerful yet affordable ticketing solution. Event organizers can create and customize event pages, manage attendees, and use email marketing tools. It’s an ideal choice for smaller to medium-sized events.

Explore Event Smart

8. ThunderTix

If you’re in the performing arts or theater industry, ThunderTix is tailored for you. It offers reserved seating, season ticket management, and donor management features, catering to organizations that require advanced ticketing capabilities.

Explore ThunderTix

9. Purplepass

Purplepass stands out as an all-in-one event management and ticketing platform. It equips organizers with tools to create event pages, sell tickets, and manage attendees. Features like RFID integration and box office management enhance its appeal.

Explore Purplepass

10. Billetto

Billetto, a European-based platform, offers a user-friendly interface along with ticketing and promotional tools. Its multi-language support makes it suitable for events of all sizes, providing a versatile solution.

Explore Billetto

Key Evaluation Criteria for Selecting Event Ticketing Software

With so many options to choose from, how do you determine the right event ticketing software for your needs? Here are some key criteria to evaluate:

  • Event Size and Type

Consider number of attendees, venue capacity, virtual vs. in-person, recurring vs. one-time.

  • Features Needed

Assess must-have features vs. nice-to-haves based on your goals and processes.

  • Ease of Use

Look for intuitive interfaces to simplify training and usage for organizers and attendees.

  • Scalability

Ensure the software can grow with your evolving event needs.

  • Mobility

Evaluate native apps and mobile compatibility for on-the-go access.

  • Customer Support

Review quality and availability of customer service resources.

  • Pricing Model

Compare setup costs, per-ticket fees, percentage commissions, etc.

  • Technical Abilities

Gauge whether you need software that is plug-and-play or requires advanced skills.

  • Integrations

Determine which complementary systems you want to connect to the software.

  • Reporting

Assess the depth of built-in analytics and options for extracting data.

By weighing these criteria, you can zero in on the event ticketing software that best aligns with your budget, resources, and goals. Don’t hesitate to request demos and reach out to customer support teams during your evaluation process.

Implementing the Software for Seamless Event Management

Once you’ve selected the right event ticketing software for your needs, focus on implementation. Follow these best practices for seamless setup and rollout:

  • Allow ample time for implementation based on software complexity.
  • Involve team members who will be hands-on users to inform setup.
  • Customize software with branding, pages, fields, workflows relevant to your event.
  • Integrate with your website, payment processor, email platform, and other systems.
  • Develop processes and documentation for using software before, during, and after events.
  • Train staff on how to configure, sell, and manage tickets in the system.
  • Market events and sell initial tickets to test the software in action.
  • Analyze post-event data and solicit user feedback to optimize usage.
  • With strategic implementation, your event ticketing software will become a user-friendly hub to manage the entire ticket lifecycle.


Selecting the right event ticketing software is a pivotal decision for the success of your event. Your choice should align with your event’s size, type, and specific requirements. Take into account the features, pricing, ease of use, and implementation factors when evaluating the top event ticketing software solutions. Whichever option you choose, these platforms have the potential to streamline the ticketing process, boost attendance, enhance data insights, and make your event management tasks significantly more manageable. With the right ticketing software in place, you can focus on creating memorable experiences for your attendees, ensuring the success of your event from start to finish.

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FAQs about Event Ticketing Systems

What is ticketing tool software?

An event ticketing tool software, often referred to as an “event ticketing system” or simply “event ticketing software,” is a specialized software solution designed to facilitate the sale, distribution, and management of tickets for various types of events. Event organizers, venues, and promoters use these tools to simplify the ticketing process and ensure a smooth experience for both event-goers and event organizers.

What is CRM Ticketing?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) ticketing, often referred to as “CRM ticketing system” or “CRM ticketing software,” is a specialized module or feature within a CRM platform that focuses on managing and tracking customer inquiries, issues, and support requests in a structured and organized manner. This functionality is particularly valuable for businesses and organizations that want to centralize customer interactions and provide efficient customer support.

Can you create your own event ticketing system?

Creating your own event ticketing system is a complex and resource-intensive project that typically requires a team of skilled developers, designers, and project managers. While it is technically possible to build a custom event ticketing system, there are several important factors to consider before undertaking such a project.

Given the complexity and resources required, many businesses and event organizers opt for using existing event ticketing platforms like Conference Tracker. These platforms offer ready-made solutions that are well-tested, secure, and include a range of features. Building a custom ticketing system is often more suitable for large enterprises, venues with specific requirements, or organizations with substantial development resources and expertise.

If you decide to proceed with creating a custom event ticketing system, it’s advisable to consult with experienced software developers and project managers who can help you plan and execute the project successfully.

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