Engineerica Product Updates Changes Coming to the Zoom Integration

Changes Coming to the Zoom Integration

On Thursday, November 26th, Engineerica will be releasing a new version of Accudemia that fixes several issues that have been identified by our users. The changes should not significantly affect the way you use Accudemia or Zoom. Please read below for a detailed list of the changes.

#1. “Join Session” Button for Staff Members

Some staff members have reported issues with the “Join Session” button displayed on the home page. We have changed it to achieve more consistent results in different scenarios. Staff will be asked to launch the session or to log into Zoom if they are not logged in already.


#2. Accounts Disconnecting

We have fixed an internal issue that was making the Zoom account disconnect randomly from Accudemia. As a result, students were redirected to another meeting when this happened.

To verify that your account is connected correctly, please go to your account, then click on Preferences:

Select Preferences

Then click on Virtual Meetings. If you are connected, you will see the name of today’s session and its Zoom ID.


#3. Appointment Minimum Required Stay

The setting  “[X] Stays signed in for at least ___ minutes” is now how the system will determine whether the student will be marked as show or no-show in your reports and logs. We recommend thoughtfully setting this option to improve the accuracy of your data.


#4. Detailed Information for Appointment and Session Logs

We have added detailed information on two screens regarding the Zoom meetings. To access you can, 1) go to Appointments > View All and click on an appointment to see its details, or, 2) go to Session Logs and click on an item to edit it.

Within this screen, you will see the Zoom icon when that session log or appointment was tracked using the Zoom integration and the information is available. There are four possible scenarios for which details may appear there:

  • Zoom detailed information is not displayed. In this case, either the staff member is not using the Zoom integration or the student did not attempt to login for the appointment.
  • Student registered, never joined Zoom meeting.The student followed the steps correctly on Accudemia but never joined the zoom meeting. Reasons why the student didn’t join the meeting include: internet connection problems, installation or launch issues with the Zoom app, or the student joined the zoom meeting but the staff member did not launch the meeting or did not admit the student from the waiting room.
  • Zoom registered student joined 11:31:48 AM, left 11:58:39 AM.” These are the exact times the student joined and left the Zoom meeting.
  • Zoom Basic license does not support time tracking.” The staff member has associated a personal Zoom account (basic license) with Accudemia. This type of account does not support time tracking.

Please note that due to data compliance reasons, if staff members disconnect their Zoom account, this additional information will no longer be available for past records.


#5. Meeting Rooms will be Automatically Created at 7 AM Every Day

Starting with this update, the daily session will be automatically created at 7 AM and will last 14 hours. This way staff members can launch the first session of the day directly from Zoom without having to open Accudemia. If they are launching the session from Accudemia, this update will not produce any noticeable change.


#6. Removed Zoom Confirmation and Cancellation Emails to Students

Zoom supports sending confirmation and cancellation emails to attendees registered for a meeting separate from those that are sent by Accudemia. This was, however, generating confusion for instance when some students received cancellation emails after a meeting. Starting with this release, no emails from Zoom will be sent. Confirmations and other notifications will continue to be sent from Accudemia and if students want to access the meeting again, they can go to Accudemia or the Accudemia notifications to access the meeting information.


#7. Correct Time Logged when using Basic Zoom Licenses

Users with free Zoom licenses have reported session logs being recorded as zero minutes. We have made changes so that the session logs are recorded using the duration of the appointment in this instance.


All these updates will be released during the Thanksgiving holiday to avoid affecting users as much as possible. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below.

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