Engineerica Product Updates Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar 2-Way Sync with AccuCampus and Accudemia

Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar 2-Way Sync with AccuCampus and Accudemia

We are delighted to announce support for a third-party utility that syncs your Outlook 365 or Google Calendar appointments with your AccuCampus or Accudemia appointments.  Not only will this seamlessly add your AccuCampus or Accudemia appointments to Outlook or Google Calendar, but it will also add your Outlook or Google Calendar appointments to AccuCampus or Accudemia!

This technology will allow your tutors, advisors, and other academic center staff to use their college Outlook 365 or Google Calendar to view their appointments with students including appointments scheduled in AccuCampus or Accudemia.  They will also be able to view appointments entered in Outlook 365 or Google Calendar in their AccuCampus or Accudemia calendars, which will help them avoid overbooking a time slot.

The above functionality has been a popular request among our academic users. While currently able to add AccuCampus / Accudemia appointments to Outlook via iCal appointment invitation files, users wanted a two-way sync that enabled appointments added in Outlook to automatically transfer to AccuCampus or Accudemia and also for AccuCampus or Accudemia appointments to show in Outlook calendars in a smoother method than the iCal invitations. Accomplishing this seamless sync of appointments between our software and Outlook is very complex and seemed out of reach – until now!

With the help of third-party integration, we can now provide a two-way sync with Microsoft Outlook 365 calendars. In addition to integration with Outlook calendars, it is also possible to use the same utility to sync your staff’s Google Calendars if that is the platform you utilize at your school.

What does it take to set up?

This calendar sync process requires a subscription to the third-party utility as well as integration work from our software developers.

To help provide this popular feature, we will waive the fee for our development work so you would only be responsible for the third-party subscription fee which is dependent on the number of staff members who need to sync their calendars. Contact us for the details.

How can I get this feature?

If you are interested in adding the Outlook calendar or Google calendar integration feature to your Accudemia or AccuCampus account, please contact us at for more details.

We look forward to bringing this valuable feature to you and your staff members.

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