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Conference Tracker New Release

December 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of the newest version of Conference Tracker.  This latest release offers many new improvements, much of which were requested by users such as yourself!  Here is a list of the changes:

New Features

  • Social Network: Using their Conference Attendee app, attendees can now share comments, photos, videos, and other files.  They can also comment on other attendees’ posts, and they can Like the posts as well. Each attendee can upload their photo or avatar to display to other attendees.  
  • Messaging: Attendees can now send messages to each other or chat using the Conference Attendee app.
  • File Sharing: Attendees and Presenters can now share files via the Conference Attendee app.  This is useful, for example, if a Presenter wants to share their session presentation or notes with the attendees.
  • Interactive Maps: You can now add maps showing the venue and/or exhibit space and display pop ups on the image with more details.  For example, you can display the exhibit floor map and tag it with exhibitors’ names and location.
  • Notes: Attendees can now take notes on sessions or anything else via the Conference Attendee app. Attendees can share the notes with others or email them to themselves.
  • Presenters Info: Attendees can now view the presenter’s photo, shared files, posts, and sessions via the Conference Attendee app.  Attendees can even message the presenter via the app.
  • Sponsors Info: Attendees using the Conference Attendee app can now view sponsors info including a custom level (e.g. Platinum, Gold and Silver). The representative’s contact info can also be displayed.
  • Gamification to Encourage Engagement: You can now give attendees points for social network engagement via the Conference Attendee app.  This includes points for posting videos, photos, text messages, comments, and likes.  The score appears on the Conference Attendee app.  You can encourage engagement by offering prizes for top contributors.  
  • Ability to Advertise Conference Attendee App: You can let Conference Tracker inform the attendees about the Conference Attendee app, how to download it, and how to log in to it for the first time (for those who choose this optional software).
  • Front and Back badge: You can now generate a badge with front and back print out!  This is useful, for example, if you want to show the attendee’s session registration or put the QR code on the back of the badge..
  • Electronic Badge:  Attendees can now display their QR barcode on their device screen to get scanned into sessions!  This feature is useful if you want attendees to sign in and out with their smartphones.
  • Badge Border Control: You can now control whether to print out a border around badges generated by Conference Tracker.  The border is useful if you are manually cutting the paper.  If, on the other hand, you are using perforated paper, then it’s better not to print out the border. The same functionality was added to the generation of QR stickers as well.   
  • Attendee Photo: You can now view the photo of the attendee in the Conference Tracker software.  The photo can be uploaded by each attendee via their Conference Attendee app.
  • Session Attendance Summary Report: You can now view, print or export a report that shows the number of attendees per session at the conference. Handy for planning your next conference!
  • Attendee Groups: You can now put attendees into groups.  You can create the group manually or via import.  You can filter the badge generation, attendance certificate generation, and CEU Certificate by a certain group.  This is useful if you want to apply different rules of credit per group of attendees.
  • Contact Information Analytics: Know how complete the contact information is within the database.  Especially helpful in conjunction with the exhibitor Lead Retrieval app.
  • Survey Required for Credits: Now you can require attendees to answer a session survey as a condition for receiving attendance credits for that session.  The survey questions are created online and answered via the Conference Attendee app.

Improved Features

  • Per Session Feedback Survey: You can now customize the feedback survey per session, or use one generic feedback survey for all the sessions.  The feedback is submitted via the Conference Attendee app.
  • Scheduled Announcements: You can now create announcements beforehand and schedule them to automatically broadcast at a certain date and time.  The announcements are made via the Conference Attendee app.
  • Session By Date View: This view has been separated by day using a tabbed view in the Conference Attendee app.
  • Ratings Analytics Speed: This screen now comes up much faster due to the collapse of the charts in it.  You can then view charts of interest by opening them.  Also this screen now shows the total number of respondents to each question.
  • Conference Basic Info screen: This screen now shows the account’s information including: the limit on the attendee count, whether the Conference Attendee app is enabled, and whether Lead Retrieval is enabled.  You can request to increase the limit or to enable services via this screen too.   
  • CE Report Design Copying: When creating new Conference Tracker account and transferring information to it from an existing accounts, you can now copy the CE Report.
  • Session Registration Info: Added the attendee’s session registration information to their registration confirmation email.  
  • Badge Designer: Added instructions on how to properly align the badge when printing.  Also made it easier to add or remove the background image to the badge.
  • Company Reps: Now you can view the reps of each company in the Company’s screen.  Useful for exhibitors.

The new and updated features have been published and are now available in Conference Tracker and its Conference Attendee app. If you have any questions or would like a demonstration of the new features, please contact us.  


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