Engineerica – 2017 Mashup

22 January 2018

What a year we’ve had…

At Engineerica, we worked hard to improve our products and serve our customers as best as we could. We also spent some time celebrating!

In 2017, we celebrated three of our employees 5th year anniversary working at Engineerica; Chadd Blodgett, David Foster and Nick Armstrong! They received recognition, gifts and a huge Thank You for their service here creating epic moments on this journey.


We named March 2017 the ‘Month of Green’ and had a green snack or treat everyday. It was fun and often healthy eating all month long.


Another epic event of the year was of course the Solar Eclipse 2017. We had a viewing party together at our HQ. It was breath taking moment to see an event like this; we just had to share this moment with our colleagues.

..and then the storm hit! Hurricane Irma hit Florida, taking out our power and putting us out of the office for an entire week. It was a bad moment not just for work, but also the community around us. Although, we did our best to work remotely, our HQ was shut down for a while. We witnessed several acts of charity in our surrounding areas to get things cleaned up, back up and running.



We celebrated our CEO’s birthday with a surprise party at our HQ. Happy Birthday Boss!


Our Senior Developer, Cetin Basoz, who resides in Turkey, made a visit to our HQ in Florida. While in the US, he participated in our Orlando training session, worked on server upgrades, and visited the local theme parks. We also took a moment to recognize his many years of service as the AccuTrack/AccuSQL Guru. Good to see you again, Doc!

We wrapped up the year with an office holiday party featuring a talent show from our very capable team members. Reflecting on 2017… it was a great year for us here at Engineerica and we hope it was also a good year for our customers all around the world. We wish you a happy new year, and can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!