Engineerica Product Tutorials Managing Additional Student Data with Profiles

Managing Additional Student Data with Profiles


Profiles are a unique feature in Accudemia which allows you to import user information other than the typical fields that Accudemia requires (such as name, email, ID number, and phone number). This can include information such as a student’s major, sports they participate in, and whether or not they are a veteran. Usually, this information is stored in one or more other databases, so why would you want to put it in Accudemia? Simply put, to make your life easier! The information in profiles can be used in User Groups, messaging, and reporting to help you see the impact your services are making not just on all your students, but on specific groups of students that you want to target more effectively.

In this week’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong walked attendees through the process of setting up the profile import for their centers and institutions. 

Setting it Up
As we’ve shown in previous Tech Talks, setting up an import is usually a simple matter! For Profile imports, before you build your file or begin the import process, you’ll want to first determine what information you want to bring into Accudemia, and then add that information to a profile questionnaire. Go to Administration > Control Panel > Profile Questionnaire to set that up. You’ll have the option to add questions and, if you have a lot of profile items, you can even spread them across several pages.

Once you have the profile set up, you’ll need a CSV file for the import. This can most easily be created or updated in Excel and will consist of headings that match the page and question numbers on the Profile Questionnaire set up in Accudemia. For more detailed information about the import file and samples, visit this page of the Accudemia manual.

Importing the Data
All Accudemia imports go through the ADX tool, which is a small Windows-based desktop application. If you haven’t downloaded it before, go to Administration > Imports and download and install the EXE file. The first time you open the program, you’ll be prompted to log in using your Accudemia credentials.

When you import the file, you’ll create an import job that maps the User ID. You can also tell the system to create User Groups at this point in the process based on the Profile data and mapping the column for the groups you want to create in Accudemia.  It is important to note that if you want to upload multiple columns to groups then you will have to create a separate import job for each.  Finally, after creating the import job, you will simply run the import job once and view the results in Accudemia.

If you have any questions about any part of this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you at our next Tech Talk session!

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