Engineerica Product Tutorials Popular Reports and Exports for Maximizing Your Data Usage

Popular Reports and Exports for Maximizing Your Data Usage


In our July Accudemia Tech Talk, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez dove into some of the most commonly used reports and exports in Accudemia. There are dozens of ways to get data out of the system, and we are often asked about some of the most popular ones, or the best ones for an individual user’s needs. Take a look at the ones listed here or watch Jorge’s full presentation to learn more about how these reports and exports can help you.

General Reports
General reports are based on data imported into Accudemia from other sources, such as your Student Information System, or SIS. They can also include data not strictly collected at a kiosk, such as surveys.

  • Users Detailed Profile Report: This report shows profile data, which is optional data that can be entered or imported. Profiles can include just about any information about students, such as their major and any sports they are part of. This information can be very useful for building User Groups and for seeing the impact of your services across different demographics and cohorts. With this particular report, you can easily see the profile data of each individual student.
  • Survey Results: This shows a summary of how many people responded to a survey and what their responses were. A detailed report shows the responses of each individual person who took the survey.

Center Attendance Reports
Center attendance reports show attendance data collected through Accudemia. There are more than 20 of these reports, but here are some of the most popular reports in this category.

  • Attendance by Students Including Contact Info: This report shows the attendance logs of specific students and includes their contact information. For each student listed, the report will include the date of each session, the in/out times with the total amount of time, as well as a summary of the total time the student visited in the specified time period, along with other information.
  • Attendance Summary Report: This report shows a summary of the number of visitors, visits, total time, and average session time, arranged by session, course, instructor, or tutor. It can be especially useful for finding your most popular courses and services.
  • Daily Appointments: This report shows all appointments scheduled over a specified time range and other filters, separated by the day. It is a quick and easy way to see the appointments coming up in your center, or the appointments which have been previously scheduled.
  • Tutoring Assessment Result: If your center uses the tutoring assessment feature, this report will show responses to your questionnaire. It will list all the responses to open text questions, and statistics and pie charts for multiple choice questions
  • Tutor Hours with Tasks: Accudemia allows you to set tasks that tutors can select from when signing in (similar to services that students select). If you utilize this feature and also have tutors use the Accudemia kiosk as a time clock, this report will show the hours your tutors were signed in, along with any tasks they selected.
  • Traffic Analysis: This is one of the most exciting reports in Accudemia. Yes, we said exciting! With Traffic Analysis, you’ll see several dozen smaller reports showing data about your center’s usage in a variety of ways. This includes being able to see your busiest times, how many times most students return to your center, and your most popular courses and services.

Aside from reports, Accudemia also allows you to export your data in raw formats, which can come in handy for needs such as inactivating large numbers of students or importing data from Accudemia into another system. By far the most used export is our Session Log export, which provides details of your account’s session logs in a simple CSV file.

Let us know if you have any questions about these or any other reports/exports in Accudemia by contacting We hope to see you at the next Accudemia Tech Talk, for more great tips on how to get the most out of your system!

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