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What’s New in Accudemia


There have been so many new and awesome updates to Accudemia in just the past few weeks, many of which came directly from client requests. That’s why for this week’s session, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez covered some of the highlights of these updates.

If you’re a current client and want to take a look at all the recent upgrades to Accudemia (which you receive as a user for free, with no software update needed!), log into your Accudemia account and click on “Help,” at the top right of the screen. From there, click on, “About Accudemia.” You’ll be taken to a webpage with a ChangeLog that announces all new and some upcoming changes.

Here are the updates that Jorge covered during our meeting!

Appointment Updates

  • With so many centers moving to a hybrid model in the fall or already using one, we know how important it is that center managers, tutors, and other data stakeholders are able to tell quickly and easily whether an appointment is virtual or in person. So now, when users view the Appointment list, they will see an icon indicating just that.
  • Bringing up the appointment details also shows the “mode” of the appointment, which again, can be either virtual or in person.
  • The Scheduled Appointments report has also been updated to include Appointment Mode as a filter, and as a column in the report.

Appointment Reminder Updates

  • Previously, while users could configure appointment reminders that would go to both students and tutors, both groups would receive the same reminder. We have now updated the templates so that the appointment reminders for students and tutors are separate, and can be sent either via text or email. As always, users can choose how far in advance of the appointment these reminders go out.
  • In some situations, a tutor may have more than one appointment at the same time. So we’ve also added the option to combine all reminders to the tutor as one in those circumstances.

Station Updates

  • Sometimes, a center may only be open to appointments and may not be able to take walk-ins (the same way some restaurants might be open to reservations only during busy times!). We’ve now added the ability for center admins to disable the ability for students to sign in if they don’t have an appointment. If they try, they will receive a message letting them know that the center is only taking walk-ins at that time.
  • We’ve also had clients letting us know that for privacy reasons, they need to hide the ID number when students sign in (similar to how browsers hide passwords). This ability already existed in Accudemia but was previously only available for center kiosks. We’ve now moved this feature to General Settings under, “Sign-in Station Options,” so that all types of kiosks, including class kiosks, can hide ID numbers if the user or account chooses.

Tutor Tasks

  • One of our most frequently requested new features is Tutor Tasks. Many centers have to keep track not just of the general work hours of their tutors or staff members, but what specifically they worked on during a given shift. For example, the tutor may be working with students, or they may be leading a workshop or manning the front desk. We’ve now added this feature, which is a way to link tutors and their sign-in/out times to projects or tasks in your center.
  • To add a task, go to Administration -> Tasks. Once those are set up, the tutors can select the appropriate task during sign-in.
  • There is also a new report, called “Tutor Hours with Tasks,” which shows the tasks tied to a tutor’s log and can be filtered by specific tasks.

Next week we’ll cover even more new additions to Accudemia, so be sure to join us for that! And as always, feel free to contact us with any questions about these or any other features of Accudemia.

Join us next time!

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