Engineerica Product Tutorials Take Your Center Management to the Next Level With These Tips

Take Your Center Management to the Next Level With These Tips


There’s no denying that Accudemia makes your center easier to manage, but many of our users ask about best practices and recommendations for the best way to manage their center. We get it; there’s a lot to it! So in this week’s Tech Talk, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez talked through some common recommendations our team makes that even seasoned users might not be aware of. Read on to learn some of the top tips, or watch Jorge’s full presentation for even more!

Auto signout settings in AccudemiaSign in/Out Settings
There are several settings that dictate what students can see and do during the sign-in and out process. We have a few recommendations to consider here.

  • Set the System to Automatically Sign Students Out: As most student center managers know, students don’t always remember to sign out. When that happens, you’re often left with inaccurate logs that are many hours long. We recommend setting the system to automatically sign students out after a certain amount of time if they have not signed themselves out. The right length will be different for all centers, but we often see clients making the default length about 45 minutes or an hour.
  • Use Standby Logs: Occasionally, students or other users may attempt to sign into a center unsuccessfully. This may occur because the student is not in the system, or they entered the wrong ID number. In your Sign-in options, we recommend enabling the “Record in Standby” option, which will keep a log of all unsuccessful sign-ins so that you can investigate further.
  • Hide Sensitive Information: In the Sign-in Station options, we recommend enabling the option to hide the student ID when students sign in. This acts similarly to a password field, where anyone who might be standing near the student will not be able to see the ID number in Accudemia as it is entered.

Customize User Selection Path for Each Service: Go to Control Panel > Walk-ins and then select the location where you want to configure the selection path. This page allows you to create a different sign-in selection path for each service in your center, which provides a more flexible experience for your students. For example, you may want students to select a tutor when they sign in for tutoring, but not if they sign in for studying. Without customizing the selection path, students may get confused and the sign-in process will slow down and create erroneous data.

Notification Settings
Notifications are a powerful tool in Accudemia. To get the most out of them, we have a few recommendations.

  • Send Notifications in Multiple Ways: We’re seeing more and more that there is no one best way to reach all students. Some prefer email, and others prefer text messaging. A confirmation email notifying a student that their appointment has been set up is not as useful if they never read it! That’s why we recommend taking advantage of Accudemia’s ability to send out notifications regarding appointments, surveys, and other features via both email and text messaging. While text messaging can incur extra charges in Accudemia, it’s worth looking into whether it would help you keep in better communication with your students.
  • Use Custom Templates: With recent updates to our email templates, it’s now easier than ever to customize the information your students receive. You can also use custom codes to customize what students see depending on factors such as their service, tutor, or appointment type.

Watch Jorge’s full presentation for even more configuration ideas that can make management of your center with Accudemia much easier. And be sure to contact us with any questions!

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