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12 Inspired Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

corporate entertainmentCorporate events are a vital aspect of any company’s calendar, providing opportunities for team-building, networking, and fostering a positive work culture. Incorporating innovative and fun business entertainment ideas is an essential part of creating impactful and unforgettable experiences.

In this article, we’ll explore 12 corporate event entertainment ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your attendees. From interactive experiences to engaging activities, these unique business event ideas are carefully crafted to elevate your business events to the next level.

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For all of these ideas, you can further elevate the experience by soliciting feedback before and after the event, and by allowing your attendees to pre-register for individual entertainment. Using an event management system like Conference Tracker can be a big help with this task.

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1. Event Entertainment with a Twist

Immerse your attendees in a world of creativity and uniqueness by hiring performers or artists who can deliver event entertainment with a twist. Consider aerial acrobats, illusionists, or dance troupes that can seamlessly blend their artistry with corporate themes. For example, if your company is trying to promote values such as team-building and trust, performers might incorporate those themes into their performances, such as acrobats performing acts that require trust with a partner. Such performances will captivate your audience and create an immersive experience that aligns with your business objectives.

By infusing these captivating and entertaining acts into your corporate events, you can break away from the mundane and make the occasion truly memorable for all attendees. It won’t replace the need to show your audience that your company truly promotes those values and themes, but it will get them thinking about these business entertainment ideas and show their importance. These could be incorporated into events such as a product launch, an annual conference, or a corporate gala, but no matter where you show it, event entertainment with a twist adds that extra touch of magic to your gatherings.

2. Corporate Gaming Stations

Bring out the competitive spirit and create an atmosphere of camaraderie by setting up interactive gaming stations at your corporate event. Engaging attendees in fun and immersive video games, virtual reality experiences, or interactive gaming challenges will add a refreshing element to your gatherings. You’ll want to make sure the games are accessible and that the rules are clear, and that there are enough stations or spots for everyone who wants to participate to get a reasonable turn, but this can be a great way to engage your audience.

Corporate gaming stations not only provide a much-needed break from traditional conference setups, but also encourage team-building and collaboration. Employees can bond over friendly competitions and shared victories, resulting in strengthened relationships and increased productivity. Pre-event surveys through a program like Conference Tracker are a great way to easily gauge attendees’ interests in different types of games, and if your games use teams, it could also be a great way to help you pair up attendees with more gaming experience with more novice players who might need a leg up.

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3. Themed Corporate Parties

Inject an element of excitement into your corporate events by organizing themed parties that go beyond the conventional. From a retro night to a masquerade ball or even a futuristic party, encouraging attendees to dress up and engage with the theme will bring a sense of enthusiasm and camaraderie to the occasion. The theme could be related to your company and its mission, or it could simply be something you know your audience would enjoy. For example, if your company’s business is media related, you might encourage your audience to dress as their favorite TV character.

Themed corporate parties break down barriers, allowing employees to let loose and showcase their creative side. As a result, attendees are more likely to connect with each other on a personal level, leading to better team dynamics in the workplace.

 4. Team-Building Workshopsteam building events and activities

Combine entertainment with skill-building opportunities by integrating team-building workshops into your corporate events. Activities such as escape room challenges, treasure hunts, or creative problem-solving exercises promote collaboration, communication, and critical thinking among participants. Like the gaming stations mentioned above, pre-event surveys can be a great way to help you build teams of participants who may not be used to collaborating in the workplace or who may not initially have much in common, further allowing you to expose attendees to a diverse range of experiences.

These workshops not only foster teamwork but also help employees develop essential skills that can be applied in their professional roles. For example, you might assign leadership roles to employees who may otherwise not be in leadership positions, allowing them to test the waters of this time of skillset.  You can use an event technology tool such as Conference Tracker to group attendees in advance of your session, encouraging them to mingle and even allowing you to generate unique badges for each team.

5. Comedy Shows and Stand-Up Performances

Laughter is a powerful tool for creating positive and memorable experiences. Hiring professional comedians or arranging stand-up comedy shows will add an element of humor and light-heartedness to your corporate event. Vet performers on Youtube and encourage them to incorporate your company’s practices into their routine to help ensure a memorable and positive event.

The stress-relieving effects of laughter are well-documented, and incorporating comedy shows into your gatherings will help employees unwind and recharge. Moreover, shared laugher creates a sense of unity and camaraderie among attendees, enhancing the overall experience.

6. Interactive Seminars and Panel Discussions

Elevate your conference entertainment by organizing interactive seminars and panel discussions. Involve the audience in Q&A sessions and live debates to keep them actively engaged and interested throughout the event. Share supplemental materials before, during, or after the session, or provide live polls to further enhance engagement. Use Conference Tracker to make this even easier!

Interactive seminars and panel discussions not only facilitate knowledge-sharing, but also encourage attendees to actively participate and voice their opinions. Make sure that your attendees feel comfortable doing so by facilitating a safe environment free of judgment and consequences for expressing their ideas. This level of engagement fosters a sense of inclusivity and belonging, making your corporate event more meaningful and impactful.

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corporate live music7. Live Music and Performances

Nothing sets the mood quite like live music. Consider hiring a live band, a solo musician, or a DJ to provide entertainment during breaks and networking sessions. Live musical performances create an upbeat atmosphere and encourage attendees to let loose and enjoy the event to the fullest. Your employees or attendees may know of a local musician to hire, or some of them may be involved in musical acts as well and may be happy to perform if compensated for their time.

Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a sense of togetherness. Incorporating live music into your corporate event will leave a lasting impression on your audience and set the stage for a memorable gathering.

8. Corporate Event Scavenger Hunts

Inject elements of adventure and exploration with corporate event scavenger hunts. Dividing attendees into teams and sending them on a quest to find clues, solve riddles, and complete challenges not only fosters teamwork, but also adds a sense of excitement and thrill to the event. Again, try to divide up teams to ensure a diverse range of experiences and personalities, and to encourage employees to work with people they may not normally work with. Make it easier on yourself by using Conference Tracker to group and connect your teams.

Scavenger hunts encourage participants to think outside the box, work together, and strategize effectively. The element of competition further adds to the excitement, making these hunts an engaging and enjoyable addition to any corporate event.

9. Innovation Showcases and Exhibitions

Provide a platform for employees or external partners to showcase their innovative ideas and projects through innovation showcases or exhibitions. Think about a problem you’d like them to solve, maybe something related to your company’s business, or maybe something more general, and encourage attendees to prepare ideas for how to solve them, and display those ideas during the showcase. This not only promotes creativity within the organization but also offers attendees a chance to learn from each other and celebrate the successes of their peers.

Innovation showcases inspire attendees to think differently and embrace a culture of creativity and ingenuity. Encouraging innovation within your corporate event will lead to positive long-term effects on your company’s growth and success, especially if you show that respect and interest in these ideas lasts beyond the event itself. For example, if one of the ideas inspires a real-world solution, be sure to give a shout-out to the employee who had the idea and thank everyone who contributed to the showcase either way.

10. Culinary Experiences and Food Stations

Go beyond the normal corporate event catering. Indulge the senses with culinary experiences and food stations. Hire renowned chefs or catering services that can offer interactive cooking demonstrations, food tastings, or diverse cuisine options. Food has a way of bringing people together and fostering meaningful connections. Just make sure you’re taking into account dietary restrictions, which will also help make your event feel more inclusive. Offer a variety of types of meals, from sit-down dinners to buffets to casual events with hors d’oeuvre trays. If it’s in your budget, consider also offering cocktails or light alcoholic beverages, or even creative bespoke mocktails that reflect the values or themes of your organization.

The variety of food options at your event will ensure there is something for everyone, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Moreover, culinary experiences provide natural conversation starters and opportunities for networking during meal times.

11. Inspirational Keynote Speakers

Motivate, educate, and inspire your attendees by inviting influential keynote speakers to your corporate event. These speakers can share their experiences and insights, leaving a lasting impact on your audience and encouraging them to strive for personal and professional growth. Find speakers who are subject matter experts in the field your company serves, or think outside the box with someone like a local celebrity or someone who can teach a new and interesting skill.

Inspirational keynote speeches set the tone for your event, instilling a sense of purpose and enthusiasm among attendees. These talks can spark new ideas, encourage innovation, and empower employees to take their performance to the next level.

12. Artistic Team-Building Projects

Encourage collaboration and creativity among employees with artistic team-building projects. Consider activities like open-ended or paint-by-numbers mural painting, sculpting, or crafting projects that require collective effort and problem-solving skills. These projects can later be displayed in the office space as a symbol of teamwork and accomplishment. Try to choose something that is accessible for all skill levels and which will result in something that can be proudly displayed to your employees and clients.

Artistic team-building projects provide a creative outlet for employees to express themselves and collaborate on something meaningful. Beyond fostering teamwork, these projects cultivate a sense of pride and ownership in the workplace.


By incorporating these 12 inspired corporate event entertainment ideas into your business gatherings, you can create memorable experiences that resonate with attendees long after the event is over, and which improve morale and solidify your company’s commitments to its values and goals. Remember, a successful corporate event goes beyond business objectives; it’s about creating connections, fostering creativity, and inspiring your team to thrive. While some of these ideas may seem difficult to put together, remember that you can use event management software tools like Conference Tracker to make it easier to organize, promote, and hold these activities, and it can also be used to gather feedback and report on the attendance for these events, making it easier to plan for future years as well.

Be innovative, embrace the fun side of corporate gatherings, and let these business entertainment ideas elevate your next event to new heights. Whether you’re organizing a conference, a product launch, or an annual gala, these unique ideas will leave a lasting impression on your attendees, making them look forward to future corporate events with excitement and anticipation.


What is a corporate party?

A corporate party, or corporate event, is a private event held by a business for its employees, clients, or other stakeholders. This may be a one-day event, or it may be a conference taking place over several days.

What is entertainment in an event?

Entertainment for a corporate event can vary greatly, from concerts and other types of performers, to a simple cocktail hour.

How do you make corporate events more engaging?

Corporate events are most engaging when they are of great interest to your audience, and when they are as accessible as possible. Make it easy for attendees to make it to your event, and easy for them to participate.

Why is entertainment important in event management?

Corporate events have a reputation for being stale, compulsory conferences that attendees don’t always look forward to. Even a small amount of corporate entertainment can make the travel and work involved seem more appealing, can provide stress relief from attendees work-related tasks, and can help make your entire event more memorable and engaging.

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