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Motivate Your Tutors with These Handy Tools


You may not think of Accudemia as a motivational tool for your staff, but you’d be surprised at the ways you can leverage some of its features for just this purpose. In our latest Accudemia Tech Talk, Senior Support Specialist Nick Armstrong went over how to use Accudemia’s dashboards and reports to help your student center’s team feel more motivated to increase their job satisfaction and productivity, and possibly help retain them for longer. Nick shared some great ideas that leverage tools already available to Accudemia clients and can make a big impact on tutor success. Read on for a summary of what was discussed or watch the full presentation for more info and a demonstration of how to use these features!

Reports are the lifeblood of Accudemia, the culmination of all the hard work that goes into tracking student activity. Often, only administrators and a few other stakeholders will ever see these reports, but by making some of this data visible to your staff, you can further motivate them by showing them the impact of their hard work.

One way you can do this is by setting up custom reports to be sent to your tutors automatically on a regular schedule, such as weekly. This can include data for just a particular tutor’s activities, so they can see their numbers, or it can also include data for the entire center, so they can see the role they played in the center’s overall numbers and successes for the week. By being able to see these numbers, tutors are more likely to stay focused and won’t be left to wonder if they’re making an impact on student success and the center’s operations.

You can find and schedule a report that shows the data for the previous week, which is a great option if you want to set it up once and not worry about it later, or if you prefer not to give your tutors direct data, you can also use other methods like setting up a leaderboard that shows data gathered from these reports. Keep in mind that all centers are unique, and only you and your team can decide your best and most realistic measures of success and methods for displaying progress. For example, if you would like to increase your visits by 10% from the start of the term until midterms, you might show a chart in your center with progress updated weekly, showing how close your center is to meeting its goal. Whatever method you choose, we recommend making sure it’s easy for tutors to see and understand the progress and results.

The Accudemia dashboard, available to standard Accudemia license holders, allows administrators and other users to customize what information they see on the Accudemia homepage, including information such as upcoming appointments and visit history.

When it comes to tutor motivation, we have a few tips to optimize the dashboard experience for them. Different dashboard widgets might be more relevant for different types of goals. Nick emphasized process goals vs. outcome goals. Process goals are more relevant to the tutor’s day-to-day work in the center, and widgets that may be relevant for those types of goals include the “Manage Center”, “Appointments”, and “Referrals” homepage widgets, which show the tutor what’s going on directly in the center on a given day. It shows them things like who is waiting, who is signed in, and what they can expect during their shift. Outcome goals are more about them seeing the end result and can include adding widgets such as “Session Logs” and “Chart Visits” homepage widgets that show reports right on the front page when they log in. These are by default only available for admins, but you can choose to share these with the tutor role, allowing them to see the overall impact of their efforts in the center. To make these changes to the homepage widgets and what roles can see them you can navigate to the Administration > Control Panel > Appearance and Themes section from the main menu in Accudemia. Then in that section look for the “Homepage widgets” section to set what options you want to make available to tutors.

Making it easy for tutors to access this information from the homepage has many benefits. It encourages them to log into Accudemia, which is especially helpful if you need them to use other features, such as completing “Session Assessments” and “Comments” on their sessions. And of course, it motivates them further by allowing them to easily see what’s going on in the center and access information about the students they’re going to help.

Thanks again to Nick for leading this presentation! If you want to see these features in action, be sure to watch the full presentation. We hope to see you at the next Accudemia Tech Talk.

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