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The Latest Features in Accudemia: Virtual Drop-in Times, Tutor Bios for Appointments, & the New Reports

18 October 2021

The Engineerica team is excited to announce several new features now available to Accudemia. Some of these features include the Virtual Walk-In links that can be set to specific working hours.  Next, tutors now have “Bios” that offer students better choices for their needs.  In addition, we have added a...

The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From Working with Accudemia Clients (So Far)

6 April 2021

  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Rachel Cook, the new Customer Success Manager for Accudemia. I make sure clients are running our systems smoothly and that they’re taking full advantage of what Accudemia has to offer (hint: it’s a lot!). This isn’t my first rodeo with...

Tips to Keep Appointments Running Smoothly in Accudemia

31 March 2021

Now that most schools' administrators are working from home and managing their staff remotely, you may need to how to keep your center's appointments running smoothly with Accudemia and our newer virtual features.  If you have not heard, Accudemia now supports virtual sessions.  The following are some notes that will...

Attachments in Accudemia to Help with Asynchronous and Online Tutoring

31 March 2021

You asked, and we listened! We are pleased to announce the addition of a new and mighty cool feature to Accudemia: the ability to share files when scheduling an appointment. This new feature is handy, for example, if the student wants the tutor’s help in reviewing a paper. The student...

Changes Coming to the Zoom Integration

24 November 2020

On Thursday, November 26th, Engineerica will be releasing a new version of Accudemia that fixes several issues that have been identified by our users. The changes should not significantly affect the way you use Accudemia or Zoom. Please read below for a detailed list of the changes. #1. "Join Session"...

Announcing Outlook 365 Calendar Integration with Accudemia

4 November 2020

We’re excited to announce our addition of direct integration with Outlook 365 and Google Calendar in Accudemia. This two-way sync will: Send appointments made in Accudemia to your Outlook calendar instantly. Enable you to reschedule or cancel Accudemia appointments from within Outlook. Notify you by email of any changes made...

The Effect of the Pandemic on Higher Education: Student POV

20 October 2020

The outbreak of the coronavirus caused a major disruption to colleges and universities across the country and forced institutions to move from in-person classes to online or hybrid instruction. The COVID-19 pandemic also disrupted the lives of higher education students and affected their physical and mental well-being in profound ways....

Virtual Meetings – New Video Guides for Staff Members

14 September 2020

Accudemia offers great flexibility when it comes to working remotely with students. There's the nonexclusive approach, which lets you use any meeting platform of your choice, and there's an exclusive integration with Zoom that has some advantages and specific requirements over the other method. (more…)

Talking Accudemia: Customizing Your System

25 August 2020

WELCOME TO THE ACCUDEMIA FAMILY So you have done some research, you have probably watched a webinar and/or skimmed through some tutorial pages and finally decided that Accudemia is the right tool for your institution's tracking needs.  Here at Engineerica, we are thrilled by that decision and we want to...

Announcing Zoom Integration with Accudemia

29 July 2020

You can now integrate your Zoom Pro, Business, or Educational account with your Accudemia account and improve your center's operations. With our new direct and easy integration with Zoom, university staff can now accurately and automatically track attendance times for all online sessions scheduled or accessed through Accudemia and held...