Engineerica Product Updates New Accudemia Pricing Model

New Accudemia Pricing Model

In response to feedback from Accudemia users, we are changing the Accudemia pricing model as follows:

1) Some users objected to using the college FTE for determining the license fee for the Accudemia Institution license.  Not only they did not know what their FTE was, but also they thought the FTE was not a good base for license calculations.  For example, one client wanted an Accudemia Institution License for their Adult Education Centers.  Only 20% of the students in that college was classified as “Adult Learners”, so the Adult Education Centers would only serve 20% of the student population and thus they wanted their license fee to be based on that number.  In response, we decided to change the Accudemia pricing structure for the Institution License to make it based on the number of students loaded into the Accudemia database instead of the entire college FTE. 

2) We are making the Institution License fee more of a linear graph instead of a step graph.  So instead of having clients with 8,001 students pay the same fee as clients with 15,000 students we will base the fee on the number of students loaded into the database rounded up to the nearest thousand. With this new model a client with 8,000 students would pay less than a user with 9,000 students, and so on.  NOTE: To enable you to keep past records in Accudemia without affecting your license fees, we will only count students marked as ‘active’ when determining the fee. If you want to keep old students in the database, simply mark them as ‘inactive’ to prevent them from affecting your license fee.

3) The number of Technical Contacts allowed for each Institutional license will be based on the number of students licensed.  Technical Contacts are the staff members you authorize to administer Accudemia and receive technical support.  If needed, you can add more Technical Contacts than your license allows for an additional fee.

4) We are now including SSL encryption with all Institution License accounts.  SSL encryption is used to encrypt data traveling between computers running Accudemia and the Accudemia server.  This provides better security for the data while it travels across the net.

5) We are including one complimentary iAccu license to all accounts!  This is handy for tracking attendance in places where you do not have a computer or Internet connection – simply use an Apple iPhone, iPod, or iPad running iAccu to record the attendance.  The recorded data can be later uploaded to Accudemia via a Wi-Fi or cell data connection.

6) We are including credit for 1,000 text messages per account.  Use text messaging for appointment reminders and to communicate to students and staff.

7) We are upgrading all “Small Center” licenses into a full “Single Center” license.  This essentially removes the 1,000 visits per month limit that currently exists on all Small Center Licenses. 

8) We are reducing the annual license fee of the Single Center license from the current $1,990 to $1,490 – a $500 savings.

9) We are also reducing the SSL Encryption option for the Single Center license from $250/year to $199 per year.  The SSL Encryption will remain an option for the Single Center license even though we highly recommend using it.

NOTE for Single Center and Small Center Users: We recently upgraded Accudemia to restrict the Single Center and Small Center accounts to only one center.  While the terms of these two licenses always specified that they are only for one center, the Accudemia software allowed adding more than one center for these licenses.  This has been corrected and the software will no longer allow more centers than licensed.  If you are a Small Center or Single Center user, please make sure you only have one active center in your account.  If you need more than one center, please contact your sales rep to discuss options.

The new pricing model will take effect on October 1st, 2013.  To know your Accudemia renewal fee with the new pricing model, please contact your Accudemia sales rep.


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