Engineerica Product Updates Conference Tracker New Release

Conference Tracker New Release

We are pleased to announce a new release of Conference Tracker with many new enhancements.  These enhancements were mostly based on users’ feedback and requests.  Here is a list of these enhancements:


  1. Added a new session evaluation analytics report. This is a chart based report that provides statistical information on the feedback collected from surveys on the different sessions.
  2. If using a Conference Tracker generated card ID, the ID is now 10-character random alphanumeric strings (e.g. 6C468820BE) instead of sequential ID number.
  3. Added support for single 4″*3″ label for the conference badge.  This is useful for on-site label printers.
  4. Enabled badges, certificates and transcripts to show user defined custom registration fields.  They can also show the user custom fields.
  5. Added a new file export that shows the attendees and their registration information.  The export is titled “Attendees incl. Reg Info”.
  6. Added new e-mail templates for sending automatic registration confirmation to exhibitors.  The template is now different for when registration to conference only is accepted vs. registration to conference and Conference Leads.
  7. Added the ability to import companies and their information.  This is useful for importing exhibitors into the system.
  8. Added the option to update the registration information in the user (not while editing the registration itself which will remain as-is, but when changing the attendee that is already in the system).
  9. Users’ edit screen now shows “(# not assigned)” next to the user’s full name when he does not have a card assigned. In the case he has a card number assigned the # is shown.
  10. Bug fixes and other minor changes.


  1. The attendee app now displays session descriptions.  These can be imported in.
  2. Login flow for new users has been enhanced.  When an attendee signs in to the app for the first time, they will automatically get an e-mail message with their new password sent to their email address in the Conference Tracker database.  If the person attempting to log in to the app is not an attendee, then a message is shown suggesting to contact the conference organizer.
  3. Exhibitors now can be marked as sponsors of the conference. Organizers can customize sponsor types (defining name, color, importance, etc.…). The attendee app has now a new section to display sponsors!
  4. Expanded the orange statistics box to show number of attendees who logged into the Conference Attendee app and number of users of Conference Attendee App. 


  • Added a new section in the app that shows Engineerica’s support e-mail and phone number.

We hope you will find these improvements useful.  Feel free to suggest enhancements for future releases on our user feedback site here:


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