Engineerica Product Tutorials Upgrade Your Virtual Sessions with These Tips

Upgrade Your Virtual Sessions with These Tips


We have many clients successfully using Accudemia’s virtual tracking options, but there are some ways you can kick it up a notch to really improve the experience for yourself, your staff, and your students. In this week’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez went over some unique tips and tricks for using Accudemia for virtual sessions. Here are some of his suggestions, but you can watch the full session to learn more!

Use Zoom Integration When Possible
Accudemia can connect with almost any virtual meeting platform to track virtual sessions easily using the tutor’s configured “Connect Links”, but if your school offers Zoom accounts to staff, you have access to the Accudemia-Zoom Integration, which is an even easier and more accurate way to track virtual sessions.

QR code flyer exampleTurn Virtual Links Into QR Codes for Easy Distribution
This is a great option if you offer open sessions that students can join virtually during your operating hours. Using a QR code generator (there are plenty you can find on Google!), turn your virtual session link into a QR code image, then put it on a flyer or any other marketing materials that you distribute to students. Students can then scan the code with their mobile device’s camera to join virtual sessions. We also recommend including the link URL somewhere on the material, in case a student is not able to scan the QR code.

Use the “Internet Access” Option with Surveys
Getting student feedback is a high priority for many centers, and that’s why Accudemia offers survey functionality, to allow you to collect that feedback in the same place where you collect attendance data. Traditionally, students would take the surveys at the sign-in station, but we recently added the ability for students to access the survey by accessing Accudemia through the internet, rather than a kiosk, meaning they can take the survey from any location. The survey can also be triggered to run when they access Accudemia in this way.

Use Waiting Lines As Needed
One of the great things about waiting lines in Accudemia is their versatility. We know that not every center has heavy traffic all the time, and so there are times when it makes sense to have a waiting line on, and times when it doesn’t (just like a restaurant!). Accudemia waiting lines can be turned on or off as needed, and they can also help you manage students who are signing in both virtually and in person.

If you want to support tutor workloads for walk-ins a bit easier, you can use waiting lines for this as well, but turning off tutor selection during the sign-in process, and assigning tutors to students manually on the waiting line screen.

Make sure to watch Jorge’s full presentation for more details about these practices and even more ideas for making your virtual sessions more effective. We look forward to seeing you at the next Tech Talk!

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