Engineerica Product Tutorials Asking for Help in Accudemia

Asking for Help in Accudemia


With any software you regularly use, you want to be assured that if you have questions or if anything goes wrong, you’ll be able to get support quickly and easily. Engineerica takes pride in its responsive and knowledgeable Technical Support team, and in this week’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez showed attending users how to ask for help.

Technical ContactsTechnical Contacts
To help manage support tickets more efficiently, here at Engineerica we use a system called Technical Contacts, which are users designated by you or your institution to receive support from the Accudemia Support Team. The number of Technical Contacts your account can have is based on your license. Generally, you are allowed one contact per center license, but you may purchase additional slots. Most institutions will either assign the contact slots to their center managers, or to an employee in IT who has set up Accudemia for multiple locations at the university or college.

Anyone who submits a support ticket to Engineerica must be a Technical Contact. If they are not, our team will ask that a Technical Contact get in touch with us. If you need to adjust or add Technical Contacts, it’s easy to do so. From any page in Accudemia, go to Administration > Advanced > Technical Contacts. Here you’ll see all the currently assigned Technical Contacts, as well as any open slots you have, and be able to make adjustments to any slots except for main administrators. 

The main administrators are always listed first, and if those need to be changed, please email and attach a letter with the institution’s letterhead stating who will be replacing which contact. This should be done even for temporary changes to main administrators, to ensure that there are no delays or interruptions to support.

Cloning a SurveyAccudemia ticket
Like many software companies, Engineerica addresses client questions through a ticketing system. This allows us to easily keep track of issues as they come in and triage as appropriate. Generally speaking, tickets will be answered in the order they are received, barring any emergencies, and we endeavor to resolve all tickets within 1-2 business days, but can often respond or even resolve tickets within a few hours.

Technical Contacts can submit tickets from within Accudemia by going to Help > Create Support Ticket. When submitting a ticket, we ask that you provide details of what actions you took that led to the problem you’re experiencing. The more information you can provide, the better our support staff will be able to troubleshoot and the quicker they are likely to have a solution for you. 

If possible, please provide screenshots or screen recordings as well, using a program such as ShareX or the Snipping Tool, which are both free and easy to use. We highly recommend using one of these programs rather than taking a photo of your computer screen, as it will make it much easier for our team to see what is happening. Those screenshots, screencasts, or any other relevant files you’d like to include can be uploaded when you submit your ticket through Accudemia.

Additionally, we recommend that each ticket you submit covers only one topic such as appointment restrictions, email templates, surveys, and so on. If you’re experiencing multiple issues or have more than one question, it’s fine to submit more than one ticket. Doing so helps us stay organized and make sure we are addressing all of your concerns.

One thing we always emphasize at Engineerica is that we firmly believe that your data is yours.  While we host your account, our team does not have access to any information within, aside from your list of center names and Technical Contacts. We cannot log into your account as administrators unless you give us permission, another reason why the Technical Contact system is so important. When you submit the ticket via Accudemia, you have the option to pre-authorize us to access your account for three days, if necessary, and this permission can be revoked by you at any time.

Whether you are a current or prospective client of Engineerica or Accudemia, we hope this post has helped you understand how seriously we take your support and data privacy. We at Engineerica ensure that our clients receive the best possible service.

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