Engineerica Product Tutorials Manage Your Student Center Traffic with the Manage Center Screen and Tools

Manage Your Student Center Traffic with the Manage Center Screen and Tools


Over the years, our Support team has worked with a wide variety of schools and centers that use Accudemia to responsively manage their center needs with the Manage Center Screen. Through these interactions and thanks to the flexibility of Accudemia, we have amassed many tips and best practices. In this month’s Accudemia Tech Talk, Support Specialist Jorge Rodriguez went over a few notable ones. Read on to learn about some of the tips Jorge discussed, or watch the full presentation to see more!

The Manage Center screen helps you and your staff manage your traffic more effectively, particularly during times of high traffic, and can be utilized whether your students access the system in-person or remotely. From this screen, you can see who is currently signed in and what they were signed in for, students who were recently signed out, and if you have the intake system turned on, you can see who is waiting to be seen. This allows you to track how much time students spend waiting versus how much time they spend working with a staff member. Being able to see students who were recently signed out also makes it easier to add session notes or fill out a Session Assessment for a log.

You can set the student to bypass the waiting line if they select certain services that they would not have to wait for, such as general study time. You can also designate certain services as “priority services,” which means that if a student selects that service at sign-in, they will skip the queue and be directly signed in.

Another option you can enable is Calling Notes, which allows students to add notes when they sign in which let staff know how to contact them when it is their turn. 

If your center has monitors or televisions that can display to students, we highly recommend using the Cast Screen option, which shows students the list of students waiting (with identifying information removed), along with how much time they’ve been waiting. You can customize which information displays as well. This can be a great way to keep students informed of their progress in the waiting line, without them having to check in with your staff.

If you want to learn more tips about using the Manage Center screen, take a look at Jorge’s full presentation. We hope to see you at the next Accudemia Tech Talk!

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